Salvation Mountain off Highway 111

Salvation Mountain - Leonard Knight created this art piece as a tribute to God and his gift to the world with the powerful message: "God Is Love."  The message is clear throughout the man made mountain area that God is the way. The heart below reads, "Say, Jesus I am a sinner, please come upon my body and into my heart." This art piece is bright and colorful. 
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Salvation Mountain is located in Imperial County, in the city of Niland. The drive is very interesting as you will see the Salton Sea and Date farms on your road trip. 

salvation mountain
From Los Angeles or Phoenix, take Interstate 10 to the 86S (just east of Indio.) Travel south (11 miles) to 66th Avenue (Hwy 195.) There is a  big gas station and truck stop on the left. If you miss this turn, you'll end up on the wrong side of the Salton Sea. Turn left (east) and go about a ½ mile to Highway 111. Turn right (south) and go about 42 miles to Niland, California. Turn left (east) on Main Street (which eventually turns into Beal Road) and travel for a little over 3 miles. Look to the East. You absolutely cannot miss it.  
From San Diego or Yuma, take Interstate 8 to Highway 111 north. Niland is about 32 miles. Turn east on Main Street (turns into Beal Road) and go a little over 3 miles to Salvation Mountain.
salvation mountain God

Salvation Mountain
This amazing art piece is literally in the middle of the desert.  Take water, snacks and make sure your gas tank is full.  Although town is only 3 miles from the site, there are very few stores and the nearest services are approximately 30-40 miles away.  It was very hot the day we traveled so make sure you leave early enough in the AM to arrive before the peak afternoon heat.  There are a few residents nearby in mobile trailers however most appeared vacant because it was mid week when we arrived. 

Remember that God is love. 

Happy travels!!!

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