Denny's Diner is a favorite nostalgic eatery.

Denny's Diner is our favorite place to fill our bellies with delicious traditional American breakfast foods. My husband and I have been eating at Denny's since we were small kids. Now, we are passing that tradition to our kids. Saturday morning, we stopped by our local Denny's Diner to load up on family favorites. Pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon, oatmeal and hash browns along with biscuit and gravy usually end-up being on our breakfast order. Of course, the menu is filled with lots more delicious American dishes that will delight foodies like omelets, sandwiches, hamburgers and desserts. The kids menu offers variety and healthy options. 
Denny's Diner has been a staple to Southern California because it is open 24 hours a day. It is the perfect eatery for our city that never sleeps. Their food is made to order so, you can customize your meal. This is great for people that have dietary restrictions. The folks at Denny's aim to make each experience happy and filling. 

The bottomless coffee cup is waiting for you at Denny's. Yes, they have decaf for those of us that can't drink caffeine. If you enjoy having dessert then try their milk shakes, banana split or a piece of cheesecake. Check with your local Denny's to make sure of the pies and cakes they offer because they might vary from location. 

If you visit the Irvine Denny's you will meet Jorge and Tony. They are the nicest people and will make you feel welcomed every time. Tell them we sent you. 

Hope you have a great holiday season. 

Bosek Family

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