Knott's Berry Farm Camp Snoopy Parody.

We recently visited Knott's Berry Farm with friends and family. The day was full of fun moments and comfort food. It truly was a fun day. There were so many silly moments that it reminded me of our favorite book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie." One of Southern California’s best amusement parks and the most popular book make for a fun post that will make you smile and laugh. I hope you enjoy the parody. My intent is to make you fall in love with two of my favorite things. Disclaimer: FTM received complimentary tickets to the park. No compensation of cash was received. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.

When you go to visit Knott’s Berry Farm chances are that you will want to go to Camp Snoopy. There, you will go on (3) new rides, Charlie Brown’s Kite, Linus Launcher and Pig Pen Mud Buggies.  As you get off Charlie Brown’s ride, you will notice your stomach is hungry, so you will walk over to the fruit stand.  There you will buy a pickle and a drink.

This will remind you that you purchased a dining plan for $29.99 and you can eat all day at Knott’s.  So, you will check your pocket to make sure you still have your voucher.  Just then, your friend will tap you on the shoulder.  That will remind you that you were supposed to meet him and others on the other side of the park.  
playing at Knotts photo playingatknotts_zps60d28a86.jpg
You rush to the Churro Factory with him to find your friends.  Standing there, you will smell the freshly made churros.  Your friend will buy one for himself; this will make you hungry for one.  As a good friend, you will buy churros for all of your friends.  Your friends will arrive and all of you will enjoy boysenberry churros together.  Standing there, someone will scream "Let’s go to the Snoopy Unleashed Show."  Everyone will rush over to the theatre to watch Snoopy. 
After the show, you and your friends will want to get some lunch.  You will go over to Sutter’s Fine Fare for some cheeseburgers and fries.  Finishing up your cheeseburger, you will notice it’s time to go to the Big Foot Rapids.  So you will put your cellphone in a safe waterproof container and put your poncho on to avoid getting wet.  Your friends will think you are nuts but get on with you. 
On the way to the ride, you will see the Calico Mine Ride and decided to go there first.  Standing in line, you will want to take a selfie.  So you will remove your cellphone out of the waterproof container to take the picture.  Chances are that if you take a selfie then your friends will want to take one too.  Inside the Calico Mine ride the flames will scare you but the thought of finding gold in the mine will make you curious.  As the ride comes to an end, you will wonder more about finding gold.
Just then, you will remember that the park has a Geode Store that sells rocks, gems and minerals.  This will make you want to take in one last ride and head for the store.  You look across the walkway and see the Timber Mountain Log Ride.  So you will grab your friends and run to get in line.  Standing there you will remember to put your cellphone back in the waterproof plastic to keep it from getting wet.  Before you put your cellphone away, you take a selfie. Chances are if you take a selfie your friends will want to take one too.
The Timber Mountain Log Ride is wild, fast, fun and exciting.  So much excitement will remind you that you are hungry for Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner.  Walking over to the restaurant you will see the Geode Store and stop in to see the beautiful rocks.  Just then, the shop clerk starts to cut a geode in half that he just sold to another customer.  Looking at all the rocks and minerals in the store will remind you that you have room for one more geode on your shelf. So you buy one right on the spot and ask the clerk to cut it in half for you. 
As you and your friends head to Mrs. Knott’s restaurant, you will remember that you forgot to go on the Big Foot Rapids, the Hat Dance and so many other rides.  This will remind you to buy an annual pass so you can come back and ride all the other rides you might have missed.  If you buy an annual pass, chances are that your friends will want to join you and buy and annual pass too.  

If you buy an annual pass, chance are that you will come back to visit Camp Snoopy with your friends.

Disclaimer: FTM received complimentary tickets to the park. No compensation of cash was received. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Knott's Berry Farm is located at 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620. Laura Numeroff is an award winning and New York best-selling author, who lives in Los Angeles, CA. You can find her through her publisher HarperCollins.

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