Disney Planes Fire and Rescue

Disney's Planes, Dusty Crophopper, is back for a second installment with Planes Fire and Rescue.  With many of the original movies characters and several new friends, Dusty takes in a whole new road to success.  Disclaimer, this is a sponsored post.  We were provided tickets to view the movie in exchange for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Planes Fire and Rescue starts with Dusty practicing his racing near his home airport.  The brave little plane is pushing himself to the limits and redlining his engine.  Dusty performs an extreme maneuver by using his speed to race to one of the highest altitudes he has ever seen when he suddenly experiences engine trouble and stalls.  Dusty starts falling out of the sky, he lands but needs help.  After visiting the doctor, Dusty is told that he can no longer race and must keep his engine RPMs under the redline.

Dusty is depressed and scared because if he races, his engine could seize and the type of engine he has is discontinued.  After crashing and wrecking several buildings at his airport, Federal officials shut down his airport because his fire engine friend is old and the airport has no backup fire fighter.  Dusty decides he needs to become fire fighter trained as the backup and takes off for training.

After days of fierce training and trying to prove himself to the Chief Trainer, Dusty finds himself in the middle of a major forest fire.  Dusty and his new fire fighting friends need every ounce of help to avoid the destruction of a National Forest and a newly built Luxury Inn.  During the fierce battle, the fire fighting crew all find themselves in grave danger and ill prepared for a fire of this magnitude.  Can Dusty and team help save the National Forest, the Inn and all of the tourists in the park?  Can Dusty successfully finish his fire training certification and help get his airport reopen?  Go see Planes Fire and Rescue to find out!

The Field Trip Mom family was invited to a prescreening of Planes Fire and Rescue.  This movie was a great sequel to the original with completely new spin to Dusty's adventures.  Excellent new characters, great one liners and a heart warming story make this movie a great summer must see.  Now open in theaters, go out this weekend to see this excellent new Disney movie!  We know you and your family will enjoy it as much as we did.

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