Tropical Summer Picnic Fun with Rio the Movie.

Summer is here and we are celebrating with the movie Rio and a tropical picnic. To get started, we went flower picking in our neighborhood looking for the most tropical floral bouquet we could find.  Next, we shopped for groceries for our picnic.  Finally, we got comfortable in our living room and watched the movie Rio.  Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received. A copy of the movie was sent for review. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Flower gathering and decorating was so much fun for the entire family.  First, we went for a walk on the local trail and found these large Hibiscus bushes filled with different colored flowers.  This gave us a chance to play and talk about plants and bugs.  The colors that we found were bright  yellow, ruby red, vanilla white and a gorgeous puff pink flower.  We rushed home to put them in water and display them on our picnic table.  One word of caution, these flowers are homes to a variety of tiny bugs.  Clean them carefully before putting them on the table.

The family then went grocery shopping for a summer picnic.  The kids were in charge of the menu for the day.  They purchased watermelon, pineapple, mango and cantaloupe.  The drinks for this meal were fruit smoothies and Fruit Punch Barrels.  For dessert, they decided on small candies.  Earlier in the evening we had veggie pizza as our main dish.  Sorry, we were so hungry it did not make it to this table.

The final product was this beautiful table that everyone helped to put together including the neighbor kids.  We all enjoyed an evening of fruit and catching up.  The evening turned into a fun evening of movie watching. Popcorn and a spot on the couch to watch the movie closed out our night.   Now, we can't wait for Rio II to come out on DVD this July 15th.  It will be host to another tropical summer picnic.  Included below are some links to printables and activities for kids.  Get in the mood for another great adventure in the tropical rain forest.  Host your own tropical summer picnic and movie night with Rio II.

Get activities and printables on their website:

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