Sender One Funtopia Indoor Rock Climbing for kids and adults.

Field Trip adventure for young and older kids: Indoor Rock climbing made fun for kids and Adults here in Southern California. A great way to get exercise and playtime at the same time. Keep Reading to find out our personal experience at our local Sender One location.  Continue reading to find out more...
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Centrally located in Orange County, get ready for some amazing fun.  A great entertainment facility for kids, amazing exercise for adults and an excellent venue with tons of fun for birthday parties and corporate events.  Welcome to Funtopia & Sender One, indoor rock climbing, yoga, and a fitness center.  Strap yourself up to the harnesses and get ready to climb and race others to the top of several challenges for loads of fun.   
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Do your kids love to climb on everything; everywhere?  Have you ever admired the art of rock climbing and never knew how to start?  Have you plateaued in your current workout?  Are you still looking for those lean, ripped muscles while having the strength to support your body weight upside down by one hand?  Sender One is the place for you, offering that and much more.

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The Field Trip Mom family was invited to participate in Sender One's Funtopia and Rock Climbing facilities. When we arrived, we were instantly greeted by the helpful staff who strapped us into our climbing harnesses.  We watched a short video on the appropriate do's and don'ts inside the facility and we were off to enjoy some climbing.  I was escorted over to a maze wall by one of the staff members who picked me for this climb.  The wall was a 40-foot tall maze with pegs that you could move through the maze.  The object; while you climb the wall, try to move the pegs to the top where there was a large hole for them to fall safely back to the ground for the next climber.  You had to really focus because the maze had several dead ends which made you rethink your climbing and movement of the pegs through the maze.  Our oldest son loved playing on the Funtopia letter wall and the fireman's' ladder climb.  This climb was a 4 story building with ladders at various angles.  He had to use the window ledges and the ladders to reach a button near each window to extinguish the fires inside.  He was so confident climbing up all of the 40-foot walls.  He then climbed up to the top of a platform 30 feet in the air and jumped to grab a body bag hanging in mid-air!  See this activity in action in the video below.

Funtopia has several walls to climb, all with a varying degree of difficulty.  One wall has rotating disks so as you grabbed onto the rock hold, you had to control your core muscles to ensure the disk stayed in place for you while you journey up the wall.  Our youngest son enjoyed climbing up 1 ft by 1 ft padded pillars at an increasing incline until he was standing 30 feet in the air.  Once at the top, he would jump off onto a bullseye target on the floor below as the cables slowly lowered him to safety.

We were then invited to the party room for a quick pizza refuel which is available for birthday parties and corporate events.  The party room had plenty of space for a large group.  We had 25 people in our group and the room had plenty of seating for everyone.  In talking with the staff, they have several local restaurants that work with Funtopia to bring delicious meals to your party.

Finally, we were taken over to the Sender One side of the facility which was host to towering 50-foot walls with cliff type ledges and a cave where you could test your true strength.  We were locked in and allowed to climb our way to the top while one of the staff members kept us secured by ropes from the floor below.  The facility is lined with 24-inch foam mats for safety and the presence was of friendship, learning, strength, and fun.  An amazing arena with nearly a hundred climbers practicing their craft in a gigantic facility.  Want a true workout?  Looking for fun and a great facility to host your next event?  Check out Sender One!  Take a look at a 360-degree view inside their facility.

You can find everything you need to know about Funtopia and Sender One at their website listed below.  Birthday party and event hosting prices are available as well as a full description of all of their services and Yoga schedules.  Sender One has beginning, intermediate and advanced climbing classes as well as yoga and fitness training.  If you want a fun activity for the family or want to learn a new sport, Sender One will surely deliver.


Sender One is located at 1441 Village Way Santa Ana, CA 92705.  Conveniently located off off the 55 Fwy and McFadden next to the Roger Dunn Golf Store.

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