GigaSavvy and Wahoo's Taco Truck "Eat and Greet" Field Trip.

Friday July 11, 2014, we attended an Eat and Greet at GigaSavvy.  They are a local digital marketing & PR company who opened it is doors to meet their community.  They invited the Wahoo’s Taco Truck to sell lunch to the public, adding to the fun.  They offered two lunch combos including one taco with rice and beans for only $5.00 and a two taco plate with rice, beans, chips and salsa for $7.00.  Both combos were delicious and freshly made on site.  After lunch, Lala Castro surprised us with a tour of GigaSavvy headquarters.  Lunch, meeting great new people and a tour of an amazing company made it a great way for our next field trip adventure. 

GigaSavvy is located in Irvine, CA near the Irvine Spectrum shopping center. They partner with local companies as well as large well-known brands for all digital marketing and public relations campaigns.  True to their core family values, they offer great opportunities to come and visit with staff, learn and become part of something greater in life.

The Wahoo’s taco truck was a great idea to fuel our hungry bodies.  My kids and I enjoyed the food and talking to new friends during this special luncheon. One new friend we made was a cute little dog named Henry.  This 13 year old doggie joined in our lunch event from one of the neighboring businesses.  His owner worked nearby and stopped to buy some tacos for lunch.  The bonus was that my kids spoiled Henry by feeding him grilled chicken from their plates.  Both boys made a pal in no time with Henry.  They enjoyed sharing their lunch and playing with him.  Henry was a little shy at first but soon thereafter, he refused to leave our side.  With a little love and a lot more food, he eventually walked back to his own office next door.  We then walked into the GigaSavvy doors to mingle with more people making more friends.

We then had the opportunity to sit with Alyson Ben-Yehuda and Lala Castro to discuss social media.  After a brief talk, we were invited to see the rest of the GigaSavvy inner workings.  We started with the Orange Room and the boys had a small mock interview, receiving feedback on their interview skills for the future.  Before we entered the room; Sarah, one of the staff members, handed us each an ice cream cone for dessert.  This made the kids happy beyond belief.  We sat down with ice cream cones in hand while Ms. Lala shared her company’s motto and explained digital marketing to us.  She tied in the importance of having a well-rounded education for holding a job in digital marketing and PR.  

She then walked us through the office introducing us to their staff.  Each introduction included a little information about their assignment and job duties.  The entire staff was very friendly and welcoming providing lots of information about digital marketing.  As we were on our way out, the kids were introduced to Corey Mangold, a principal of the company.  He engaged the kids with questions about their future.  One such question was “Do you want to own your business someday?”  What a great question for my kids.  It opened a window into a world of possibilities.  Finally, we said our good-byes and thanked Ms. Lala and her staff for being so generous with their time.

Overall, the day started as a lunch date and quickly turned into a fun field trip for all of us thanks to the warm hearts of the GigaSavvy team.  On the way home, we discussed what we learned about the day.  According to our boys, here are the (7) things they learned from the day:
  1. GigaSavvy employees are very friendly and creative.
  2. Digital Marketing is a fun profession.
  3. An Eat and Greet is a great way to meet the community.
  4. Treat everyone like family. 
  5. Toys in the work place promote fun and creativity.
  6. Ice Cream Fridays are a must for the office. 
  7. The Orange room is the interview room. 
We had such a great experience visiting and learning that we want to say thank you to everyone at GigaSavvy for opening your doors to us!
Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. 

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