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Bruxie Waffle Sandwich for Lunch with a Friend.

My latest adventure in field trips was a visit to Bruxie: Gourmet Waffle Sandwich shop.  There are 7  Southern California locations and one Denver location to serve you.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert...Bruxie has you covered with amazing sandwiches, salads and treats for everyone in your family.
Bruxie Waffle Sandwiches of Irvine served me a very delicious Pastrami plate.  I really enjoyed the crunchy waffle with the tender pastrami.  The side of pickles and freshly cut waffle crosscut fries made the meal extraordinary.  I had always wondered why the long lines every Saturday morning when I would drive by, now, I know the quality and taste are wait worthy.
Prices at Bruxie are a little higher than its fast food competitors.  The restaurant had a fast food feel however this eatery is not fast food.  Based on the quality of the food, I think the prices were OK.  On the day I visited, I brought a friend and we shared two meals.  She gave me a half of her Nutella banana waffle sandwich and I gave her a half of my pastrami.  It was the perfect combination for us and felt like a meal plus dessert.
My suggestion is to go with a friend or with your family and make the meal shareable. There are so many choices that sharing is a great way to try several items to find your menu favorite.  It is so much fun to combine flavors.  I can't wait to go again and try a few different sandwiches.  The menu had other options that sounded exciting like the Carnitas Torta or the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle sandwiches.  I will share my next adventure at Bruxie through Instagram, keep your eyes open for the next food experience. 

To learn more, visit the Bruxie website.


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