Casey's Cupcakes makes the Young and Young at Heart Smile.

My neighborhood has a Casey's Cupcakes store only a block away from our school. It is the store that everyone talks about at school. Kids love to see parents carrying the pink bag filled with cupcakes to their classroom. Teachers love to see them as gifts from parents and their students.  Neighbors love to see another neighbor bring over cupcakes in those cute little boxes when they visit. Last week, my son had a classmate celebrate her birthday with Casey's Cupcakes and the entire class was over the moon happy.  From the library down the hall, I overheard whispers about the pink bag arriving in a classroom.  The kids made it sound like the cupcakes arrived magically by themselves.  The treats were handed out towards the end of the day to ensure everyone behaved themselves.  These sweet yummy treats made a regular afternoon seem like a magical moment.
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This week, we had a birthday in our family and the kids were excited to run to Casey's for their favorite treat.  Excellent Espresso  on the left and Casey Confetti Cupcake is on the right.  These two are our favorite flavors from their menu.  We brought the pink boxes home filled with delicious cupcakes and added birthday candles to celebrate!  There are so many flavors to choose from such as white cake Peeps and  strawberry with whipped cream cupcakes are only a few to name.  The list is long and you can find it on Casey's Website.
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My husband wanted to try their milkshake that is new to their menu, so he chose a German Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla ice cream.  The combination was a sweet treat that cured his sweet tooth.  The kids and I took a sample taste from his milkshake and it received a thumbs upThe only complaint my son had was that they only offered one cherry on top.
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The store offers cupcakes, candies, clothing, toys and event hosting on site. One added bonus is that they offer wedding cake options for the fancy occasion. I recommend that you visit this happy store full of delicious cupcakes.  On gray days, take a friend and share a cupcake to help cheer them up.  It is that kind of a place. 

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This Mother's Day I recommend you book the party room and surprise your favorite mom.  It comes with a build your own cupcake, lots of delicious frosting and toppings.  The room is full of color with chandeliers lighting and fancy decorations.  Perfect for Mom this Mother's Day or any special occasion.  There are 5 locations for your convenience.
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