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Blended - Interview with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore - My Field Trip to Hollywood

Blended starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore hits theaters May 23rd, 2014. Through a Warner Bros. Studios hosted event, I had a great opportunity to preview the movie and sit with the talent for a question and answer session last week.  The movie had me laughing and talking to the screen.  There are twists and turns that make you wiggle in your seat and bite your lower lip.  However, getting to Hollywood to watch the movie was an adventure in it self.  Find out what happened during my days' trip.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  I did receive admission to the movie preview.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This coming Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler will be on the big screen starring in the movie Blended.  I received an opportunity along with other fellow bloggers to preview the movie at The TLC Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.  After the screening, we were treated to an amazing day of lunch, hair and make up and an incredible question and answer session with the cast.
 photo 6bd69e5e-5ca5-477f-b173-4d5afcbafea9_zps86ea14d5.jpg
On Monday May 12th, I woke up early and got on the Metro Rail at the Irvine Station to go to Hollywood for the screening of the movie.  I was using the train to avoid rush hour traffic.  Getting there took me just under 2 hours but the journey was amazing.  I got to see a glimpse into daily commuting of business people, students and other public transportation regulars.  I was astonished by the large crowds the hustle and bustle on the train at 7 AM.  When I arrived to Union Station to transfer trains, I was shocked to see a sea of people getting off and doing the same.  I was told that the best way to arrive to the TLC Chinese Theater was to take the Red Line Metro. This to me was a new experience because I had not taken the Redline before.  Underneath Union Station where the Red Line runs, there is a whole new world.  The station reminded me of San Francisco’s Bart train system.  It was a little dark and very much an underground train station with all of the fun characters.  I saw the guy who sold odds and ends, the person who found the floor the perfect place to nap and the girl who was dressed like she was going to Comic Con in her favorite hero outfit and families holding their babies closely looking like they just came out of a GQ magazine.  All walks of life were there catching the Metro and I enjoyed the trip.  My train ride was a fun field trip into public transportation.

I arrived in Hollywood where I only had to walk a few feet before I was standing in front of the famous TLC Chinese Theatre.  I walked around the corner to meet up with the event host and the other bloggers who were covering the story.  The morning meet and greet was super fun because I was able to connect with other writers I knew as well as make a few new friends.  Once our group was assembled, we walked to the theatre and grabbed a bag of popcorn and drink to go see the movie. Someone suggested that 11:00am was too early for popcorn; my
reply was, "It's never too early for movie popcorn!"  I had my popcorn in one hand and my drink in the other and I found a comfortable seat next to one of my favorite Latina Bloggers, Sandra from Mama Noticias 

 photo 250bdb05-8a81-43ef-8680-90efddc237ea_zps857bd4cc.jpg
Photo Credit: Freddie Ochoa Jr.
As soon as the movie started I began to laugh out loud.  I got so engaged in the movie that I forgot I was in company with other professionals.  Yikes!  My only defense is that I was belly laughing because it was very funny.  I soon found myself talking to the screen.  I am not 100% sure but I believe I even sang a little in some parts too.  Writing this story is reminding me that I should never go to the movie with strangers. (slightly embarrassed)  Oh, wait that is impossible, right!  Everyone else at the theatre is usually a stranger...Okay...I enjoyed myself way too much.

After the movie, all of the invited bloggers headed up to our meeting area.  There we got a chance to freshen up before the big interview with Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and Wendi McLendon-Covey.  The meeting room had a light lunch and there were hair and makeup professionals to freshen us up before we met with the cast.  I skipped the eating for a hair do.  This girl was on a field trip and I wanted to experience it all.  After my hair, I tried the make-up line Flower Beauty Makeup by Drew Barrymore.  The makeup artist recommended only blush and little lipstick and I agreed. 
Photo Courtesy of Flower Beauty Makeup
Once our break was over, Adam Sandler walked in the room as if he was just like you and I, down to Earth, friendly and ready to talk to all.  He addressed us with a smile and witty comment. A few moments later Drew Barrymore walked in with her people. I became frozen and unable to move. I sat there watching and listening to the friendly conversation between Adam and Drew. Their conversation was funny and playful all at the same time.
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.
The interview began and bloggers were allowed to ask questions of Adam and Drew. The whole moment seemed like friends meeting new friends for the first time.  It was effortless, engaging and surreal.  My favorite moment was when Adam declared his love for his wife.  He said that she was the only one for him. It was a quick moment, but it made me like him that much more!
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

I never asked a question because I wanted to listen carefully to all that was being said as to not miss a thing.  The tone was very much on family and the love for them.  Adam and Drew are most definitely two great parents trying like the rest of us to live life with passion.  Just like that, the interview was over and they left as quickly as they came.  I tried to speak to the stars as they were leaving, but I got lost in the line of bloggers.  I did however manage to stand near Ms. Barrymore while she was exiting, I think she smiled at me. 
I started to walk out to leave when I heard people starting to whisper.  I looked towards the door and saw another cast member enter the  room.  Wendi Mclendon-Covey, co-star in the film, entered with a gorgeous blue jump suit and bouncy blond hair.  Quickly, I found my seat and sat back down to listen to her speak to the crowd.  She of course was funny, witty and very wise.
 photo ac83a114-7f30-4eee-9a5c-22b3da167553_zpsa904b587.jpg
A few of the questions the cast answered included:

Blogger: So, all of your characters had a lot of big adventures in this movie, and I was wondering if you guys got to have any adventures off camera while you were on location? 
Barrymore: Yes, totally.
Sandler: Oh, yes.
Barrymore: In Africa, it's hard not to.
Sandler: Every weekend was pretty awesome. And when we weren't working, we went somewhere neat, and there were always animals involved. And the kids got to see everything. It's just neat. Going out to eat there was cool.
Barrymore: There were signs on the glass of the windows, not even on the door. They were right on the glass of the windows so you wouldn't miss it. I mean, it's written on your window.  And it was, like, do not open these windows, or monkeys will ransack your room, we're not kidding. And, of course, everybody would forget and leave their windows opened. I'm sure some people like me were sort of, like, bring it. I want to see this. And they really would ransack the room. It looked like one of those scenes in a movie where you'd walk in, and you're like, somebody's been here. It was crazy. It was so cool.

Blogger: You both run such successful film companies. When you get a script, do you read it first as actors approaching a project, or do you read it first as producers?
Barrymore: That's a good question.
Sandler: I usually go actors.
Blogger: Yes.
Sandler: Because I'm more excited about me. What do I get to do? But, then when I realize it's written for a 25-year-old handsome guy, I go all right, let's produce this thing.
Barrymore: I think it depends. Sometimes when you're given a script, you're either behind how it was even written in the first place. So, then you're definitely thinking producer. Oh gosh, we were in meetings for a year on this thing. How did it turn out?  But, then if you're giving something by your agency as an actor, then I think you read it more like that, so it depends. 

Blogger:  You and Drew played besties perfectly.  I'm wondering how much time you guys got to spend before, or during the shoot because you two were great.
McLendon-Covey:  Zero.  We had no time together.
Blogger:  Wow.
McLendon-Covey:  Yes.  Because she'd been in Africa for seven weeks with a baby, little Olive had to go with her.  So, she's working 26 hours a day.  And I was in Vegas doing Think Like A Man Too, so I couldn't have gone anyway. There was just no time.  So, our first scene together is the first time we met.

The movie Blended is funny and engaging.  There is a surprise waiting for you in every scene.  The best part of the whole movie is that I felt as though I was on field trip to Africa.  I have never traveled outside North America, however sitting there in the theatre watching Blended it felt as though I traveled abroad. I highly recommend you go see it if you enjoy surprises, laughter and forgetting about your problems.

P.S. Field Trips are key for learning, understanding and writing. It is a valuable educational tool for all ages. This movie has a great opportunity to open up a dialogue regarding Africa and it's rich history and culture. Watch the movie carefully and look for traditional jewelry, colors, fabrics and music. 


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