Wreck It Ralph on Blu Ray 3D / Blu Ray / DVD / Digital Copy

Coming to stores Tuesday, March 5th, Disney brings the next big hit movie Wreck-It Ralph to Blu Ray 3D, Blu Ray, DVD and Digital Copy!  Field Trip Mom was given a pre-release copy of the ultimate collector's edition for preview.  This amazing DVD collection gives you a 4 disc combo pack including Blu Ray 3D, Blu Ray, DVD and Digital Copy.  You have everything you need whether you are in your home theater, at the market or in the car going to your next field trip with this disk set.  The collection includes Disney Intermission, a Behind the Scenes Documentary, Deleted Scenes and Video Game Commercials.  Disney has also added the Oscar award winning short "Paper man".  This delightful short film by Disney Animation is a must see for every romantic and film enthusiast. 
Wreck-It Ralph is the story of Ralph, an 80's 8 bit video game character who is the bad guy of the game Fix It Felix Jr.  Felix is the games' hero and the main character of the video game who is everyone's star.  After 30 years of being the bad character, Ralph becomes tired and angry, wanting nothing more than to prove he too can be a hero to video gamers.  In an attempt to become a hero, Ralph decides to hop games to earn a hero's metal and discovers trouble in another game called Sugar Rush, a Mario Cart style racing game.  Helping a feisty misfit, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Ralph finds that a rouge villain overtakes Sugar Rush causing a perceived video game glitch.  Ralph must act before the game is placed out of order and is "Unplugged" for good.         
The story has a great message showing how helping others is the key to happiness.  An excellent anti-bullying message fills the film.  Amazing details to the movie that bring to life many of the classic video games we adults would play in the arcades.  Ralph interacts with classic stars like Pac Mac, Q-Bert, Street Fighter, Sonic and Mortal Kombat, the movie brought back fond memories of my days dropping quarters into games like Super Mario Bros., Asteroids and Punch Out.  Enjoyable for the kids as well as adults, this movie brings something for everyone.  For a sneak preview click on the trailer link below.
Written by guest blogger and COO for Field Trip Mom: Tim Bosek.  Field Trip Mom received a free DVD package to this pre-screen in exchange for this blog.  We want to thank Disney for including us in this opportunity! 
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