Natural Products Expo West - Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is so important. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is eat healthy. This March 7th thru March 10th, 2013, Anaheim Convention Center will host the Natural Products Expo West. They are the world's largest and premier trade show for the natural, organic and healthy products industry. In 2012, Natural Products Expo West aka Expo West hosted over 60,000 industry members and over 3,000 exhibits showcasing products in the categories of natural and specialty foods, organic, supplements, health and beauty, natural living and pet products. I received media access which allowed me to receive samples and first hand information on new and existing organic products.  
Arriving at the expo one of my goals was to try healthy lunchbox options. I pack my family lunches everyday and healthy travel friendly foods is my top priority when grocery shopping. In the past twelve months I have packed at least one energy bar in my family's lunchbox or travel food package. I even carry one in my purse for emergencies. I buy them in bulk to save. For this reason it was important that I connect with the latest information on energy bars at Expo West. Gluten Free, High in Protein and High in Fiber were among some of the ingredients that these energy health bars advertise. So I had to taste for myself and take samples for family at home to make an educated decision of which one would make it to my shopping list this year.
Enjoy Life, Vega One BarKind Snacks, Larabar  and  Nibbly Fingers were delicious and made it to our like grocery list.  I did find one that stood out from the others, which is BRUBAR. This is a great fruity, soft and tasty energy bar. What stood out for me is that it was soft enough for toddlers to eat and enjoy.  Overall, I did love the taste of all the energy bars mentioned above and they will be part of my travel food package and lunchboxes. I really recommend that you look into these healthy snacks for your family. They are better than potato chips, which I love too.
My recent finds at Expo West, I was able to increase the fiber at lunch time with a few healthy snacks. Tummy Tickler juice has 3/4 cup of fruit, is spill proof, reusable collectible top and BPA free. My kids love it, because it is new and fun. I love it, because it has fruit.  The GoGo Squeez is apple sauce without a spoon. All you do is squeeze the apple sauce into your mouth and eat. (I have to say I eat them too.) As you can see the BRUBAR is in our lunchbox.  Finally the Apple Crunches are better than potato chips and perfect for after-school snack. All these products traveled well and they tasted super delicious. Not all of these snacks were consumed at one meal. They were for morning snack, lunch time snack and after-school snack. They made getting fiber more fun and less of a hassle. I hope you get to try a few of these great treats.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to post about these products.  I receive samples only. All opinions are my own. I recommend that if you are on a strict diet that you read the labels before you added to your meals.

I want to say thank you to all the vendors who were kind enough to give me a sample of their yummy food. Thank you Expo West for putting on such a great event. Hope to see you next year. 
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