The Chia Seed Cookbook - Cookbook Review

The Chia Seed Cookbook - A few weeks ago I was given this book to review.  I was very excited to received it, because for years I have heard many great things about this little seed. My sister calls it the magic seed. You see, my sister and I have diabetes and sugar control is very important for us. Through word of mouth we have been told that this is critical to our diets. Upon hearing this of course, I ran out to buy the seeds but wasn't sure how to cook with them. I started by sprinkling it in my juice or would sugar them over my toast. Although I wanted to use them as much as possible for my diet, I couldn't find the right cooking method. When I did use them in our meals my family thought I was out of my mind because they had never heard of it as food. The commercial and theme song for the Chia Pet was playing in our heads.  Soon, I had unfortunately forgotten about them altogether.  Suddenly, when I received the opportunity to review The Chia Seed Book things changed for us. I showed husband and kids that people were cooking with Chia Seeds. The Chia Seed Cookbook made it exciting to try dishes with this great little seed.  Pictures are worth a thousand words to my family and the cookbook is filled with great pictures. The kids have looked through the cookbook and loved the pictures. They were even ordering their next meal out of the cookbook. We recently made "Plum Chia Salad" and they loved it. This cookbook is easy to use and read, you need not be a professional chef to use it.  The Chia Seed Cookbook has 221 pages filled with great recipes, ideas and recommendation for better health.
Here is some of the recipe names:

  1. Sunny Sweet Potato and Chocolate Chip Chia Muffin
  2. Easy Chia Oat Squares
  3. Peanut Butter Chia Waffles
  4. Lemon Chia Cheesecake Pancakes
We have tried their "Almost Instant Oat Meal" recipe. It is becoming a favorite breakfast meal. We add apples, dried cranberries and bananas to the recipe. It adds more fiber to our breakfast. There so much I did not know I could do with Chia Seeds.

Reading through the recipes, I realized that cucumbers, lemon and tea make a great combination. It inspired me to make a fun Mint Tea with Cucumber wedges sprinkled with Chia Seeds. It was a very refreshing drink. The Chia Seed Cookbook is one of my new favorite go to books. It has inspired me to cook outside my comfort zone.  This is a great gift for anyone struggling with meal planning while looking for added nutritional benefits for their family. 
If you have been using Chia Seeds in your cooking, please share your ideas and recipes by commenting on this blog post. Together we can make a difference. Have a great happy and healthy week.

 Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for review. Not a sponsored post.
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