Thank God it's March! - Personal

I am writing to share with you my most recent experience. My goal in this post is to let you know that everyone makes mistakes including me. I have been making large mistakes these past few weeks. I have to come to the realization that I am tired. I need more sleep and I can not do it all. I would love to be the perfect mom, wife, friend and co-worker, but I fell short these couple of weeks. I am tired. I have not given my body the rest that it needs, so it betrayed me this week. I fell asleep and couldn't wake up. I missed a major important thing. Sorry does not even begin to tell you how bad I feel. I wanted to cry, because I know that I could have done better and did not. I failed. I missed the mark and I disappointed others. That is the worst part is that I disappointed the people I care about the most.

My goal here is not to dwell on the failures, but to make it better. So I am saying good-bye to terrible February and hello to happy March. Yup... I am blaming it on February. (LOL)  What else is there to do?  By no means do I say that I am not responsible for my actions, but I am moving on from being upset. This month I know I will do better and I will give it my 150% in all my duties.

March is going to be the best month for me. How about you? Come with me and leave all the negative feelings, bad experiences and move forward with me. Let us do this together. Remember to only commit to what you can actually do verses what you may be able to do.

Here is what a good friend  told me once:

"You can't be everything to everyone."
- Anonymous

Here a few other quotes to help with March:

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone.
- Bill Cosby

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.
- William Shakespeare

Happy Friday and hope all your dreams come true.

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