Moms Meet Wow Summit in San Diego presented by KIWI Magazine

Moms Meet hosted the very inspiring WOW Summit this October 2015 in San Diego, CA.  They are a group of parents who want to learn, share, empower and connect with other parents that are raising healthy families through the education of green living.  The WOW Summit hosted keynote speakers, parents and vendors with a common goal; to eat healthier and live better. The experience received at the WOW summit included an appearance by Chef Ann Cooper.  She inspired all to consider selecting better lunch options for their family.  During the Summit, Smart Flour baked delicious pizza, vendors provided information and free samples while parents shared their own stories of healthy living.  It was an amazing two days in beautiful San Diego and an event I won't soon forget.

Chef Ann Cooper, the keynote speaker, presented some incredible information about food in our public schools. Statistics are now proving that our kids are not expected to live as long lives as their parents and not even as long as their grandparents based on the foods they consume.  The food that is being distributed in our public schools are filled with things young kids should not be eating.  Due to finances, public schools are forced to take shortcuts when it comes to feeding our kids.  These things include dyes, fillers and chemicals that food manufactures are mixing into the food served by our public schools. The good news is, according to Chef Ann, change is coming however at a very slow rate.  What we can do as parents?  Pack lunches for our children with more fruits and vegetables, include food with less sugar to help students learn and grow strong.  Chef Ann asked all of us to get involved and write to our school districts and local government requesting healthier food choices.  Doing nothing about this food crisis won't help our kids in public school get healthier.

Moms Meet Wow Summit

Chef Ann Cooper is also known as the Renegade Lunch lady and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.  She has over 30 years experience as a chef, including over 15 years experience working with school food programs. She has written two books on the subject, Bitter Harvest and Lunch Lessons. She is considered a world advocate on safe sustainable food for children.


Another incredible demonstration was at the Smart Flour booth.  They were baking and serving pizza to let everyone taste a little bite of their product.  The company exclaims their products are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber as well as being naturally gluten-free.  Smart Flour products can be found at your local Whole Foods and Sprouts.  I tasted the pizza and I thought it was delicious.  To learn more about their products, visit them at smartflourfoods.com.

Many parents visited the WOW Summit and were busy tasting products from companies such as In the RAW Sugar, Enjoy Life, Sun Sweet, Nordic Naturals, Manitoba Harvest, Pearls Olives to go as well as many more vendors. In The RAW Sugar had an incredible Made in America product story. You have to see their video:

To see a complete list of vendors who made this event fun and delicious , please go to http://www.greenmomsmeet.com/summit2015-sponsors#sunsweet


Presenting this amazing event was Kiwi Magazine.  You will want to connect with KIWI Magazine to find great ideas that will help you eat better and live longer.  KIWI has it's finger on the pulse of family and healthy choices.  Their magazine is colorful, fun and a great read for everyone in your family.  You will want to pick up a subscription of this magazine to learn more about the cutting edge advances in organic, local, and health food choices for your kids and your entire family.

San Diego

San Diego was beautiful and very welcoming.  As I said good-bye to the city, I promised myself to eat better and take care of myself with more love.  I felt a new energy that came from connecting with the vendors, parents and bloggers attending this event.  The WOW Summit was a great experience.  I recommend your family attend one of these events, taking the time to get inspired about healthier food choices for you and your family. 

Wishing you the best toward a healthy and an inspiring life. 


Disclaimer: Sponsored post. All opinions are all my own. 

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