San Diego, California is hosting the WOW Summit.

San Diego here we come...this fall we are attending the #WOWSummit a place for parents to learn about healthy choices and a better way of living. The event will host several guest speakers to discuss healthy food choices and workshops on GIY (Green-it-Yourself). This is an incredible opportunity to talk to experts and other parents. We invite you to come out with us this October 23-24th, 2015.
(Disclaimer: Sponsored post. We have been invited to attend as guests.) 

Take a glimpse at the topics  that will be discussed this coming October:

  1. Lunch Lessons: Changing the way we feed our children
  2. The Mom’s Guide to Present Moment Awareness: Unlocking your untapped loving power
  3. Motherhood: We’re all in this together
  4. The New Puberty: What is To Blame?
  5. Real Solutions for Real Problems: How one nutrient can change your family forever
  6. Rid, Restock, and Reorganize: Simple ways to detox your home
  7. G.I.Y. (Green-It-Yourself): Practical tips for greening up your home, diet, and lifestyle
  8. http://www.greenmomsmeet.com/summit2015-schedule

We are excited to be part of  this learning opportunity. We hope that you are able to come and join us. 

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