How to help your child with math.

Learning can be fun with a few free resources. All you really need is a willingness to think outside the box. Becoming a parent has encouraged me to seek answers to homework questions in an effort to help the kids. Sometimes, I get stuck and I am unable to guide them with their homework assignments. When this happens I "GOOGLE" it! I would call myself the master of googling educational topics. Okay, maybe not a master. I do however have MAD skills in research. In this post, I will share a few of my go to Educational online resources that will help with understanding math. 
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A few years ago I began a journey. It began with one thought. "How can I help my children become life-learners?" This began a series of events. I began turning to blogs, forums, groups and libraries. What I found out was that there is an enormous amount of material because education is changing rapidly. Just take a look at Pinerest to discover classrooms/homes are being transformed into exciting learning centers by educators and parents. 

Pinterest gives you a glimpse at what educators around the world are doing to engage and help students reach their potential. For example, meet Mrs. Olson, an educator from Minnesota and her selfies. She networks with other teachers to come up with interesting lesson plans and classroom activities. I invite you to take a quick peek at Mrs. Olson's blog to give you an idea of the learning possibilities:

Homework time can be very difficult for some students and parents. Lucky for us, we have the internet to help. On a very desperate day, I Googled, "math homework" and I found a new way to understand and explain math. "E" is for Explore, an educational site that offers an easier approach to math learning. The blog offers material on teaching and learning art, math, social studies and much more. It is a colorful and fun site for parents as well as educators. (By the way everyone needs to learn how to balance a checkbook! Look below to see what I mean.)

I highly recommend that you take a look and explore the endless possibilities of math. 


My next great free online resource is on YouTube....MATH ANTICS! BEST short video lessons on math! I looked through many, many videos to finally find this gem. You could say I did the research for you. The videos are short stories of math with a catchy tune. We usually watch 10 minutes in the morning to kick off the day with a review. This helps us to wake-up the brain.  Math Antics has several videos on YOUTUBE on different math subjects. They do offer more math practice on their website to help students gain more understanding. My kids attend a regular school schedule, so we use Math Antics as a refresher course. http://mathantics.com/ 

The internet has changed how information is received and dispersed. Let me tell you what I mean. One day, at the local school, a classmate of my son's was sharing his test scores in science. In amazement I complimented his high grades. He mentioned that YOUTUBE had helped him review for the test because his parents were not able to help. He further explained that he used YOUTUBE anytime he felt stuck. The young man was very smart in taking care of his school work with the internet. He was thinking outside the box. I am sure one day he will do great things. 

I hope this post helps you understand a little more about how to help your child with math. 
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