Peanuts: Emmy Honored Collection Giveaway!

Charlie Brown, Snoopy along with all of the Peanuts gang have a new Emmy Honored Collection coming this September 15th, 2015.  The Peanuts gang is part of American history that began in the 1950's with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Take a field trip to another time and place and find out why Charlie Brown has made kids fall in love with all of the characters. (List of Characters. See below.)

We are excited to partner with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to offer a chance to enter to win a Two-Disc Collection Featuring Over Four Hours of Peanuts Specials. Continue reading and enter your name in the drawing. A random name will be selected from all the entries. Must be 18 years or older to participate. 
The Peanuts: Emmy®Honored Collection includes 11 animated television specials on two discs.  All of the specials featured in this release were recognized with either an Emmy® Award win or nomination.  These specials have been remastered for gorgeous picture and sound quality.  It’s a collection full of big laughs, best friends and life lessons that will delight the whole family.

Titles include: What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? and It’s Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown and more....

Meet the characters of the Peanuts gang and discover good clean fun that is timeless.
  1. Charlie Brown: the main and lovable character
  2. Snoopy: Charlie Brown's ubiquitous Dog
  3. Joe Cool: Alter ego of Snoopy with sunglasses
  4. World War I Flying Ace: Another alter ego of Snoopy, always shown flying against his nemesis the Red Baron
  5. Andy: Snoopy's brother
  6. Marbles: Snoopy's brother
  7. Spike: Snoopy's brother
  8. Olaf: Snoopy's brother
  9. Belle: Snoopy's sister
  10. Linus van Pelt: Charlie Brown's Blanking-Sporting best friend
  11. Lucy van Pelt: Linus' lovable fuss-budget of an older sister
  12. Woodstock: Snoopy's best friend
  13. Sally Brown: Charlie Brown's younger sister
  14. Marcie: the bespectacled character
  15. Peppermint Patty: Marcie's best friend
  16. Schroeder: the piano-playing character
  17. Franklin: the first African-American character
  18. Pig-Pen: the dirtiest character
  19. Frieda: the only player in Charlie Brown's baseball team not to wear a cap
  20. Rerun van Pelt: Linus' younger brother
  21.  Patty: an early character
  22. Shermy: an early character
  23. Violet Gray: Patty's best friend
  24. Charlotte Braun: an early character
  25. 555 95472: a character who has numbers for a name
  26. Unseen characters including notably, all of the characters' parents, Linus van Pelt's teacher Miss Othmar, Charlie Brown's baseball hero Joe Shlabotnik, and Linus' blanket-hating grandmother.  The Little Red-Haired Girl (Charlie Brown's crush), seen in many animated television specials where she was known as "Heather", but was never seen in the strip itself (except once in silhouette).

Disclaimer: Must be 18 years or older to enter. No P.O. Box addresses will be accepted. Only for residents who live in the continental USA.

REF: Character Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Peanuts_characters

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