Top 10 Steps Toward Avoiding the Flu

'Tis the season for your kids to be exposed to every known germ that walks into their school.  If you work in a busy office, there is always that die hard co-worker that just won't go home until they cough on every paper that is on your desk.  You know, it really isn't any ones fault.  The Flu just happens.  Regardless of placing your kids in a bubble or yelling at your teammate to go home, everyone is going to have exposure to the flu or other germ this season.


We wanted to share with our readers the Top 10 Steps toward avoiding the flu.  We hope this helps you and your family stay happy and healthy this winter.
  1. Wash your hands frequently.  (Wash them before and after using the facilities, before eating and after you have touched counters, tables and chairs)
  2. Use a tissue or paper towel to open door handles or use your foot to open/close doors.
  3. Invest in Lysol Wipes and Spray.  (Wipe down counters and door handles in your home daily and don't forget your computer keyboard / mouse and cell phone)
  4. Do not share forks, spoons, straws or glassware after anyone including your children.
  5. Keep your hands / fingers from touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth.
  6. Limit exposure to persons you know are sick or limit yourself from others if you are.
  7. Limit handshaking.  Excuse yourself in business engagements with a fist bump or simply say, "I am sorry, I have a touch of something and don't want to pass it to you!"
  8. Remind others to cover their mouth / nose with a tissue, hands or sleeve when they sneeze or cough.
  9. Use alcohol based hand sanitizers when washing your hands is inconvenient.
  10. Go get a "FREE" Flu Shot
That's right...the Orange County Health Care Agency is offering free flu shots every Thursday (closed Thanksgiving Day).  They are conveniently located at 1725 West 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA.   For more information, see the press release attached.

We are wishing everyone a very happy and health holiday season.  Let's all take care of one another this winter by following a few simple steps toward staying healthy.

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