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Go to Game Geeks for all of your video game system (including Nintendo, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBox) and PC repairs, you will be amazed at the prices and customer service they offer.

Christmas break for the boys was moments away from commencing and there was excitement in the air.  Both our boys were ready for some hardcore video game play and excited to see the new games Santa had in store for them.  Saturday morning came and it was a battle royal of video game play when suddenly time stood still and I heard a banshee cry, "DAD!!!!!"  Do you have a video game system with the red ring of death, a broken controller or other problem?  You are going to want to continue reading.

Disclaimer:  This is an unpaid posting.  All opinions are my own.  We received no monetary or service compensation for this review.  I truly had an amazing experience and believe in paying it forward.  Thank you Game Geeks....You have a new Loyal Customer! 

Alma was working this beautiful Saturday morning when the cry rang out so I had to go it alone.  I responded to our youngest who came before me, looking at me like his favorite stuffed penguin had ripped.  With his Nintendo 3DS XL in hand, he just stared at me like, aren't you going to fix it?  I asked him what the problem was as I couldn't see any blood, bruises or otherwise.  He exclaimed, "My DS broke!!!"  I took it out of his hands and opened it up and sure enough, there was a large crack in the upper right hand corner crossing the hinge area.  Although cracked, it wasn't broken.  I turned and told him it was OK and I would research if there was anything I could do to fix it.  Not a day went by and the corner had completely broken off so you could see the IC board.  I explained to him the importance of taking care of his things but couldn't really blame him because the device was two years old.  My warranty request to Nintendo was met with, "this device is out of warranty and standard repair costs start at $120.00 plus parts."  It simply wasn't worth repairing when I could buy a brand new one for $180-190.

Knowing there were plenty of places open to repair cell phones, I started searching for a video game repair shop.  I ran across Game Geeks in Garden Grove, CA.  I called them and told them the problem.  They said the issue sounded like a common problem that was notorious on the Nintendo DS and recommended I bring it in.  They were extremely busy over the holidays and so we decided to wait a few weeks to drop off our system.

The technician on site was extremely courteous, friendly and presented me with a quote of $47 for parts and labor.  Since I was a first time customer, he wanted to help me so I would tell everyone I knew about their services.  He asked me when I wanted the device back and I told him I could wait for it.  He didn't have the parts and needed to order them from his other store in Santa Ana so needed a day to complete the repair.  The next morning, I called him and he told me there was more to the issue than he thought.  He needed until 1 PM and told me he wouldn't charge me anything additional to show excellent customer service.  The boys and I arrived to the store and he kindly showed us a few concerns that we needed to pay attention to for the future.  It appeared that my sons juice box got a little to close to his DS and although the liquid didn't reach the motherboard and battery, he wanted to show us how close we came to having to replace the device.  It was excellent customer service.

Although situations vary from device to device, Game Geeks in Garden Grove is the place to go for all of your PC and video game console repairs.  Additionally, you will find a large selection of new and used video games for PC, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft XBox including several generations past.  While in the store, I was able to show the boys what my old Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System looked like and show them some of the games I enjoyed playing as a kid.  Quotes for repairs will vary from situation to situation and our repair will not resemble yours.  

If you are in need of repair support for your PC, Laptop or Video Game Console, we recommend going to Game Geeks in Garden Grove.  Game Geeks is conveniently located off the 22 Fwy at 12893 Harbor Blvd Ste # 3 Garden Grove CA 92840, Cross Streets are Garden Grove Blvd and Harbor Blvd.  There is also a location in Santa Ana, maps shown below.  Call them ahead of time at 714-539-0888 and they can provide you some additional repair insight before you take the trip.  If you are a lover of used and vintage video games and systems, don't forget to stop by Game Geeks. Buy, Sell, Trade and Repair all in one convenient and friendly store.

Written by guest blogger and co-owner of fieldtripmom.com
Tim Bosek

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