Knott's Berry Farm - Seven (7) treasures.

Knott's Berry Farm has (7) treasures in plain sight that everyone will enjoy.  The first is the Mystery Lodge waterfall statue.  The second is the Native American Rock carving at Mystery Lodge. The third is Montezoom's Revenge statue and Roller Coaster. The fourth are the lucky waterfalls located throughout the park. Fifth is the Mineral and Fossil store offering Geodes near the front entrance. Sixth includes the delicious fresh Berry Cotton Candy. Disclaimer: Sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are all my own.
The other day, my family and I visited the park as part of a fundraising media event. Our first stop was to the Mystery Lodge. We all enjoy the storytelling along with the special effects. As we walked up to the show, we looked up and noticed a Native American man carved on a rock behind the waterfall.  We were all shocked that after years of visiting Knotts, none of us had ever noticed the man hidden under the waterfall. This sparked an interest in looking for more interesting hidden treasures in plain sight.
We quickly became aware of the secret treasures that Knotts has to offer.  Next, we found the largest carved rock statue of a Native American.  This was located right outside the entrance of the Mystery Lodge.  I pointed to the statue and asked my family if they had ever seen the statue before?  They all said, "No?"  Right then and there we all realized that there must be more treasures tucked away in plain sight at Knott's Berry Farm.
The third find is located at Montezooma's Revenge roller coaster area. A Mayan inspired rock carving was found inside a planter.  All of us were surprised, we had never noticed it before even though we had all walked past it on our way to the Hat Dance.  This day turned into an adventure as though it was our first time visiting Knott's.  We all rode the roller coaster to see if we could spot other treasures.
Feeling lucky, we headed over to the coffee shop near the largest fountain in the park. This is when we found the fourth treasure.  We named this water fountain "LUCKY FALLS".  Everyone in our family felt lucky, so we made a wish and threw in a penny.  Okay, we made more than one wish and threw in dimes and nickels too just in case.  Let me tell you, it is lucky because my wish came true right away.
The fifth treasure that Knott's offers is the Mineral & Fossils Store.  Buying a Geode is all about getting lucky.  It is so exciting to choose your favorite rock and then having it cut open to see what gem awaits you.  Try it on your next visit and experience it first hand.  They offer Geodes for under $20.00 dollars for those of us who are on a budget.

The sixth treasure that we found at the park was their Boysenberry Cotton Candy!  Fresh, delicious sugary fun food for everyone in the family.  All foodies must try this treat because it gives you the giggles.  Maybe it's just me because it makes me feel like I am 4 years old again.  
Photo Credit: Jaime Jenkins

Finally, the seventh treasure is "YOU"!  You can make a difference for our greatest treasures, those who are supported in their fight with breast cancer by the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Now through March 27th, go online and purchase your Knotts Berry Farm admission tickets and a portion of the proceeds will benefit this incredible organization.  Additionally, with a simple purchase of "PINK" merchandise, a portion of the sales of these items will also benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation of Orange County.  This is an important fundraising event because my family and I have personal experience with loosing a loved one to cancer.  Unfortunately, a friend of mine is battling with this illness.  Forgive me for putting this at the end of my post however I am having the hardest time accepting that my friend has cancer.  Please help me support Susan G. Komen and together we can be a treasure to someone else.
 Jaime Jenkins is a fellow blogger who is fighting the fight of her life. Find out her story and how she is doing today: http://polkadotsonparade.blogspot.com/2015/01/knotts-for-cure-2015-amazing-experience.html

Knott's for the cure link:

Disclaimer: Did not receive compensation only media access. All thoughts and opinions are all my own. #Knottspink Hashtag
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