How to train your dragon 2 the Movie by Dreamworks Animation / Apollo Technology

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I had the opportunity to preview the movie for review only.
It all started with a book titled "How to Train Your Dragon" by Cressida Cowell published in 2003. The story of a young Viking boy who struggles to fit in with his community in the Isle of Berk. He is not like the other Vikings and this is a problem for his father, who hopes to make Hiccup the leader of their village. As Hiccup escapes to find peace, he finds a rare dragon.  Hiccup becomes his friend and names him Toothless. Toothless is feared and hunted by all of the Vikings, except Hiccup.  Hiccup and Toothless keep their friendship a secret until they set off to change the minds of the Viking village and save lives.  In March of 2010, the movie based on the book was released for the world to see.  Moviegoers loved the story of Hiccup and the movie was a great success.  A year later,  Dreamworks decided to make How to Train Your Dragon 2 to help continue the story.  This June 13th, be prepared to wear your warrior dragon helmet and see Hiccup all grown-up. 
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Photo:Courtesy of Dreamworks

I saw the movie last week with a few other people in media. My family and I are fans of the books and movie.  I could not wait to see it and reconnect with the characters; Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick the Vast, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut, Ruffnut and all of the adorable dragons.  

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Here are my thoughts on the movie. It is excellent for audiences 7 years and older.  It is a very well made animation drama that leaves you wanting more. Personally, I wanted to see a third installment as I left the theatre.  Let me tell you the reasons why:
  1. New home engineered software APOLLO is making the animation sharper, more clear as well as more life-like.  The process makes the characters come to life with emotion. 
  2. There were additional story lines that made me want to see more of it. For example: What happens now that Hiccup has reconnected with his mother? 
  3. What happens now with the exit of Stoick the Vast? 
  4. Where will Toothless and Hiccup go on their next adventure?
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The movie has so many wonderful moments that capture the essence of Viking life on Isle of Berk. The director Dean DeBlois and everyone involved with making the movie did a great job giving life to make-believe characters.  Each scene has great color and imagination that makes you believe that maybe there was once a world just like the Isle of Berk.  Go see it and tell me if you enjoyed it too.  Remember that Hiccup is grown-up now. 

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