SEE Selective Eyewear Elements - New Store Newport Beach Fashion Island

Gorgeous eye wear and sunglasses are important to me.  My son's and I wear them everyday with everything we do.  I personally have several pairs to go with different outfits.  My kids don't worry about their eye wear matching their outfit however they concerned with their eye wear being comfortable and fun.

We had a chance to visit the SEE store located at the Newport Beach Fashion Island shopping center a few weeks back.  The selection of eye wear was new and fresh.  They had styles made in different countries including Germany, Japan, Italy and many others.  There were lots of choices and many great designs.  The prices were reasonable however it really depends on the design you choose.  SEE carries some sunglasses for as little as $99.00 a pair.
They carry a children's selection with bright colors and fun styles.  My kids loved the designs and they had lots of fun trying on all of them.  The clerks were very helpful and friendly.
Shown above is The Bosek Family trying on SEE eye wear. My husband, who doesn't wear glasses, felt left out and decided to try a pair.  We took a picture to remember this moment.  I have to say that for designer eye wear, the prices are good.  This year alone we have spent over $1400.00 for three people.  This includes eye exams, lens and frames so I have a lot of experience with eye wear.  Next time I need new eye wear, I will have to visit SEE and get myself a fancy pair for the same price of my normal set.  I suggest you shop around if are in the market for new eye wear.  There is no need to wear an ugly set of eye glasses when you can wear a handmade Italian pair for the same price.
Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No eye wear was hurt in the making of this post.
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