Giga Savvy and Chuck Jones Center for Creativity Website Launch Private Event

"The rules are simple. Take your work, but never yourself, seriously. Pour in the love and whatever skill you have, and it will come out.” Chuck Jones Academy award winner and artist.
On June 25th,2013 I attended the website launch party for Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. The launch event brought a great surprise, “The Blackwing writing instrument” by Palomino. Together Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Palomino hosted a wonderful event along with Giga Savvy who is responsible for their new great looking website.
It was truly an honor to learn about "The Blackwing Experience" on this evening. This writing instrument has a rich history and a life of ups and downs. The pencil had been in production for over 60 years by Edberhard Faber Co. (U.S.A.)  before it was discontinued in 1998. The history of the Blackwing is filled with great artists like Chuck Jones, John Steinbeck, Quincy Jones and perhaps even John Lennon.  The story of The Blackwing is a must read. If you get a chance you should try to read it, so that it may help you understand why it is called "The Blackwing Experience".  Thank you Palomino for keeping it's history alive by continuing to make them and selling them.  
On this evening we were able to see and read about the history of the wooden pencil. The exhibit was held for a few days for the public to see. It was a collection like no other I had ever experienced. It proved that the pencil is mightier than a sword. The Blackwing Experience sparked my interest in wanting to learning more about this  wonderful writing instrument.  
Of course, the website launch offered fun conversations and delicious foods. However, on this evening, the art and the writing instruments were the most important. It was still nice to visit with great people who love art just as much as I do. Great seeing all of you wonderful OC friends.  
This was not my first visit to Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. On a cloudy Saturday in the spring, we visited the center. The Saturday we visited was free art class day. Kids were able to learn how to draw. Volunteers were teaching how to draw their favorite cartoon characters. My kids were among those lucky kids to be learning art. The class was absolutely free.
I highly recommend that you look at the centers calendar of events before showing up. They have lots of events happening all the time. On Saturdays, next to the center they have a farmer's market. During the week several shops that are unique and inspiring are open. Chuck Jones Center for creativity is located in The South Coast Collection Shopping center 3321 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, California 92626. 
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