Discovery Science Center - Lego Castle Adventure and Da Vinci Jr.

Award winning Discovery Science Center has two exhibits that are a must see and do this summer. The Lego Castle Adventure and Da Vinci Jr. Inventors Wanted exhibits are amazing.  On a recent visit to the Discovery Science Center, my family and I got to experience first hand the fun activities at the DSC (Discovery Science Center).  We started with the Lego's and Knights in front of the castle. There, my family and I got to build many things with Lego's.  We played together by making Lego castles.  It was so much fun building as a family.

Then we headed over to put on Knight clothing and play pretend. Inside the Lego Castle there is a box of Middle Ages costumes for kids.  My kids tried a few of the costumes and pretended to be the King of the Lego Castle.  As they were playing, they were laughing and having fun pretending.  The whole experience inside the Castle is to promote imagination and creativity.  It completely opens the mind to imagine the Middle ages using Legos as your inspiration.

After having fun in the Lego Castle we jumped over to the Da Vinci Jr. Exhibit where we became inventors.  We were able to make catapults and find first hand how Popsicle sticks can make a great science experiment.  The hands-on experience left all of us proud of our finished product.  I highly recommend that you try it.
In the Da Vinci Jr. exhibit we found lots of the great inventions that Leonard da Vinci had brought to life.  The exhibit lent itself to discussing who the person Leonardo da Vinci was in history and what his inventions meant to all of us.  The exhibit is interactive just look for the signs that say you can touch to have new experiences.  One interactive Da Vinci exhibit we loved was the "Whack a Note" where you use flip-flops and PVC pipes to make music.  As we played music with flip-flops, we laughed and enjoyed the moment.  Look for the Whack a Note, play with your kids and see for yourself how much fun it is for all.
Overall, the experience was great at the DSC.  We all had a great time playing together and learning as a family.  For a great experience you may want to go early in the morning and buy an annual pass. This way if it gets crowded you can leave and return on a slower day.

This summer, don't miss the Lego Castle Adventure and Da Vinci Jr. exhibits running now thru September 8th and 15th.  These exhibits are sure to entertain kids ages 6 to 60.  Get your tickets today to the Discovery Science Center.
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