Wreck It Ralph the movie.

Opening Friday, November 2nd is Disney next big hit movie Wreck-It Ralph!  Field Trip Mom was given an exclusive Pre-Screening at the world famous El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA. Field Trip Family went to Hollywood to get the scoop on Wreck It Ralph. Continue to read to find out more....

Disney and the El Capitan were excellent hosts to this pre-screening.  Our showing started at 10 AM so traffic to Hollywood was nice and easy.  Plenty of parking was located around the theater at this time for very reasonable prices.  We checked in with the staff out in front of the theater who gave us our media pack and tickets.  We entered the 86 year old theater and were greeted with history and nostalgia.  The theater is beautiful with every detail in old Hollywood affairs.  We were directed to our seats and allowed to capture the moment.  Decorated for Halloween, the theater had jack-o-lanterns and decor to celebrate the holiday.  As we took our seats, music began to play and a beautiful organ lifted from underneath the stage to play all of the Disney classic songs while seating continued.
Wreck-It Ralph is the story of Ralph an 80's 8 bit video game character who is the bad guy in the video game Fix It Felix Jr.  Felix is the games' hero and the main character of the video game who is everyones star.  After years of being the bad character, Ralph becomes tired and angry wanting nothing more than to prove he too can be a hero of all video gamers.  In an attempt to become a hero, Ralph hops games and discovers trouble in another game and fights to make it right before the game is placed out of order and is "Unplugged" for good.  The story has a great message showing how helping others is the key to happiness.

Full of memorable 80's arcade game characters from Q-Bert to Sonic to Mortal Kombat, the movie brought back fond memories of my days dropping quarters into games like Super Mario Bros., Asteroids and Punch Out.  Enjoyable for the kids as well as adults, this movies brings a little for everyone.  Check out the preview below and run to the theater this weekend to show your support for Wreck-It Ralph!
Field Trip Mom received free admission to this pre-screen in exchange for this blog.  We want to thank Disney and the El Capitan theater for including us in this opportunity!

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