Medieval Times Chivalry in action.

Buena Park, California is home to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. On most evenings, you can enjoy a roasted chicken while watching Knights engage in games of chance, skill, joust and battle. The experience is like no other on the planet.  The great people at MedievalTimes are now offering a matinee show titled, “Chivalry in Action.” This show is geared towards teaching our youth about anti-bullying while encouraging chivalry at every point in their lives. The cost is $25.00 per person which includes lunch and this great educational show. The plate is a quarter of a chicken, a half of a baked potato, half piece of corn on the cob, delicious garlic bread and a bottle of water to drink. They also give you a chocolate chip cookie at the end of your meal for desert.  All of the food is eaten by hand, just like the evening shows and how food was consumed in the royal era. For vegetarians, they offer a delicious pasta veggie dish with fruit and garlic bread. I have a diet restriction so I tested the veggie plate. Let me tell you, my meal was super delicious.
medieval times
The beginning of the show is tailored toward presenting how a knight would handle bullying and over sharing on social media.  For thirty minutes, we are entertained with several great examples of what the “Chivalry in Action” would look like with a modernized twist. As the show continues on, the knights compete in tournaments and show off their skills. The crowd is encouraged to cheer for their Lord.  By the end of the show, the crowd has received a great message of kindness and compassion as well as experiencing an amazing medieval jousting tournament.

On the day we attended, the matinee was booked to capacity by several local schools.  As we pulled into the parking lot, you saw the school buses lined up as they finished dropping off the students.  When the show ended, like a well-oiled machine, teachers and students loaded up on to their buses within minutes while the knights climbed onto every bus to bid the students a final farewell. It was an amazing sight to see 1,100 students disappear on to the highway within minutes of the show finale.

Are you looking for a great field trip for your class or simply looking to take your kids to an amazing entertainment destination this coming Spring Break?  Try Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. The matinee prices end June 15th, 2017. Link to dates and times: http://www.medievaltimes.com/plan-your-trip/buena-park-ca/celebrate-with-us/educational-matinees.html

Disclaimer: We were invited as media to cover the show. We did not receive compensation for this post. All thoughts and ideas are all our own. 
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