Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC 2017

Discovery Cube, Orange County, is an award winning museum. It is located in the heart of Orange County off the 5 Freeway and Main Street in Santa Ana. Currently, they are hosting an amazing S.T.E.A.M exhibit and show, “Bubblefest”. With over twenty years of experience, Deni Yang has been combining science, technology, art and music to bring to life a gazillion bubbles. Our family has had the opportunity to see and experience this amazing show for several years now. Each time we experience something new. 
bubble science
Bubblefest OC - Imagine a gazillion bubbles floating in the air dancing to upbeat music. As we sat in our seats, we could see and feel the magical spheres. Each bubble performance brought me back to my childhood of wonder and awe. Our kids were filled with joy and excitement as the music played and a gazillion bubbles filled the room. This allowed everyone to touch and feel these wonderful soapy spheres. 

The performance is filled with educational value. One can see the effects of dry air, freezing air, and how other non-conventional objects can make bubbles. There is a laser show that brings light into the performance and gets everyone pumped.

Bubble Zone 

During this visit, we experienced hands-on activities at the Bubble Zone. This area helped us understand the science behind bubble making. For toddlers and young bubble scientists, they offer the Cube Jr. Playground that provides additional bubble training. Bubble play is serious business at the Discovery Cube OC. To add to the experience they offer a water sphere play area. To capture the special moment, you can purchase a photograph of the kids inside a giant bubble. There is an additional fee for the photo. We called it, the evidence that you mastered bubble making. 
gazillion bubbles

Bubblefest XXI

Bubblefest XXI is only around for a short period of time. The show will run from April 1-16th, 2017. Tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance of Discovery Cube OC. If you are a family of (4), the best deal is a membership package. Along with Bubblefest, Discovery Cube OC offers all of their other amazing scientific exhibits for you to enjoy. The Discovery Cube OC also has amazing healthy food choices as you are certain to get hungry after all of this play. This is a great Spring break entertainment venue for the entire family. With an annual membership, you can enjoy several other monthly / bi-monthly exhibit changes as the Discovery Cube OC makes sure that they always have something new for families to experience.

Tips: Please remember to arrive early to have the best experience possible. 

Address: 2500 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705

General Admission: $17.95 Adults $12.95 Children (3-14) Bubblefest Show $10.00 Adults and $10.00 Children 

Disclaimer: We were not paid for this posting however were provided free entrance to a media event at the Discovery Cube OC, the Bubblefest show, exhibit and photo opportunity. All opinions are our own.
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