Valentine's Day gift idea.

Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread), an easy Valentine's Day gift for friends, neighbors, teachers, co-workers and anyone who enjoys a sweet treat.  A simple idea, budget friendly and heart-shaped; turn ordinary Mexican baked goods into a fun Valentines gift.  Use pink baked breads or cookies from your local Mexican bakery and add your own creativity to brighten someones day on Valentine's Day.

To get started, visit your local Mexican bakery and pick out your favorite cookies or breads.  We used breads and cookies with pink and red frosting as well as fun shapes.  This gave our gift box a fun "LOVE" theme.  We than asked the baker for an extra box.  We left with (2) dozen baked treats and our total was $14.00. For this price, we had enough cookies and baked items to fill (6) medium boxes.  
At home, using food gloves, we repackaged the brown box and adorned the outside with hearts and ribbon to give it an added flair.  To decorate the inside of the box, we added some special paper.  If you don't have colorful tissue paper, look around your kitchen for other creative ideas.  We used coffee filters for one gift, while parchment paper works great too.

We glued paper hearts and used rope to give this brown box a decorative look. It made the box look very homemade and sprinkled with love.  We made a Valentine's Day very special with this brown box and the Pan Dulce (sweet bread).  Try it and watch someone light up when they receive the Pan Dulce Valentine box. 

Don't have a local Mexican bakery, then look for a local bakery that offers a variety of breads and cookies at a reasonable price. We spent on average $0.50 per cookie or bread.  One place you may want to consider is Costco's food court as an alternative bakery.  They sell Mexican Churros in their food court.  If you are buying more than (10) Churros, then you will have to call ahead to order.  Remember to use your creativity for wrapping the Churros.  A pretty box with some ribbon goes a long way to make it look special. 

Valentine's Day for us is about showing kindness and gratitude towards our community and friends as well as family members.  We do not spend very much money on gifting; however we use creativity and effort to show our appreciation.  We feel that the love is in the details.  We hope that this helps you spread love and kindness this Valentine's Day season. 

Disclosure: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. 
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