Field trip to Medi-Rub Massager

This past summer, our family visited the Medi-Rub Massager headquarters.  The Medi-Rub Massager is a device that is used to help people who suffer with leg cramps, blood flow, while strengthening the Plantar Fascia and improving reflexology.  This product is sold worldwide and is preferred by many doctors to help with diabetes and other related illnesses.  We were first introduced to this machine at our local Sam’s Club.  There, we all took turns testing the product out and found it to be very relaxing.  Our first time using the foot massager, we immediately felt tingling throughout our feet and legs.   We became fans. 
When we found out that the machine was made locally, it only made sense to find out more about the product.  Our family drove to their office in San Clemente to tour their manufacturing processes.  The family field trip was very informative and eye opening.  We all saw how a small business impacts our local economy.  The owner, Yolanda Holly, gave us a personal tour of her offices as well as shared their company history.  The company has been helping folks with circulation problems since 1976.  Doctors recommend this product for patients who need to improve their circulation.  Yolanda explained that they accept custom requests on the foot massager for folks who have trouble with lower extremities.  All they have to do is call and request it.  This small business goes out of their way to make your experience a success because they understand how important your health is to you and the ones you love. 
The tour gave us a small glimpse into what it takes to run a medical product company for over 30 years.  We saw an organized and clean manufacturing facility as well as friendly employees.  We were impressed with the kindness that was shown to us by everyone at the headquarters.  We left knowing more about a product that we own and use frequently in our home.  All of this information helped us feel confident about our health and purchase. 

We highly recommend this product for folks that do lots of sitting or have a hard time walking.  This product relieved and cured my husbands plantar fascia and is recommended for persons with diabetes, circulatory concerns, leg cramps, tired feet and legs and much more.

Contact Information: 240 Calle Pintoresco, San Clemente, CA 92672-7504
Toll Free 877-Medi-Rub (633-4782)
Office 949-369-6900
Fax 949-366-6363
Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. 

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