Tijuana Estuary located in Imperial Beach, California.

California is a beautiful state that offers many outdoor adventures. One of them is located on the furthest South West corner of the Continental United States in the city of Imperial Beach, California. Here  you can explore the Tijuana Estuary where fresh water and salt water meet.  Besides it being a beautiful place to visit, the Tijuana Estuary provides many important elements to our Earth and to the local environment.  As you walk through the estuary, it is evident that they act as sponges by absorbing water and acting as flood controls.
This is a well-known place to find the endangered Light-Footed Clapper Rail.  Several species of other migratory birds come to rest and find food. On our visit, we found several different types of birds and wildlife singing and catching food.
Address: Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center
301 Caspian Way
Imperial Beach, CA 91932
Here you can find a diversity of wildlife. The estuary is a nursery for fish and young wildlife. It is a great place to learn about what happens when fresh water meets salt water at the edge of the US border. The drive is only an 2 hours away from Los Angeles and a short distance from Orange County.  
Look beyond the green to the foothills and you can see Mexico just a few miles away.  Make sure you wear sunscreen and comfortable shoes when you visit. Happy travels.

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