Cabrillo National Monument

One of the most visited national parks is located right here in San Diego. The Cabrillo National Monument receives over 215,000 visitors every year from people that come from all over the world to experience a piece of history as well as to take in beautiful scenic views. While we were there, we met people from France and Germany who had traveled to experience this one of a kind American National Park.

Meet the Rocky Intertidal Zone - You will have to arrive early to see the tide pools located at the Cabrillo National Monument California. Parking is very limited and there is walking involved to reach this beautiful beach. Cabrillo National Monument says, "The word “intertidal” refers to the unique ecosystem that lies between the high and low tides along the shore. Tide pools are depressions where water is trapped during low tides, forming small pools of water that provide habitat for numerous plants, invertebrates, and fish. On the day we visited, we found lots of dead shell fish right on the shore. It was a shocking sight to see the beach area filled with dead sea life. Oddly enough the dead shell fish did not have a foul odor. Our family explored the area briefly and then we headed up to the Cabrillo Statue. Beware: This is Federal property which is heavily monitored by video camera by the US Navy.  Do NOT take any plants or marine animals from this area.  Sever penalties and/or jail time can and will be imposed for failing to follow these rules.
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Travel back in time to learn why Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is an important person in history. The Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Statue is located next to the visitor center. Stop by the visitor center first and get a glimpse into the life of a "Conquistador". Here you will see a great view of  the city and the Pacific Ocean. Standing there, just image how it must have looked when the conquistador's first arrived in the year 1542. The visitor center can guide you on visiting the Point Loma Lighthouse and give a list of events for the day.

Cabrillo National Monument1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, San Diego, California, 92016
Park Hours: Daily 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

There is an entrance fee of $10.00 per passenger vehicle and for commercial tours the fees range between $30-$100.00. Please see their website for more information on tours and large groups.
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photo credit: Cabrillo National Monument
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