University of California Riverside Botanical Gardens is waiting for you.

Riverside has so many interesting places to visit. One of those places is the University of California Riverside Botanical Garden. It is a 40 acre hilly botanical garden filled with local plant life. You must be able to walk up and down the rolling hills to get the full experience. 
Passion Flower
The garden holds beautiful and peaceful trails that travel up and down the 40 acre botanical garden. On the top of the trail, you will find a place that you can sit for a while and bird watch.

The best time to visit is in the early morning and during the spring time. The weather is cool and the garden is in full bloom. 
It is a great place for kids to explore nature and for adults to reconnect with Mother-Earth. It is such a peaceful place that we recommend to bring a small picnic lunch along with a blanket to stay a while. 
Their Rose garden is filled with busy bees harvesting honey. It is full of fragrance as you walk through. Be careful the many lizard residents love to sun bathe near-by. 
We jumped when we met this botanical resident. He was not like the other lizards we had met on our visit. This garden was special because it made you forget about time. If you love peace and quiet as well as beautiful plant life, then this is a must see. 

UCR Botanic Gardens: "The Gardens is a living plant museum with more than 3,500 plant species from around the world. Visitors and researchers may see and study on-site. It was established primarily for teaching purposes. In a beautiful setting, the Gardens serves to provide a wide assortment of plant materials for courses at UCR and other local schools. Courses supported include anthropology, art, biology, botany, ecology, entomology, landscape plants, morphology, ornamental horticulture, plant pathology, photography and taxonomy.

The Gardens also provides plant materials for various research projects and serves to test and exhibit plant species introduced from all parts of the world. The variable terrain and Riverside's subtropical climate create numerous "micro-climates" which allow for the notable diversity of plantings.  This wealth of vegetation creates a hospitable sanctuary for wildlife, where nearly 200 bird species have been officially observed."

Open daily: 8am - 5pm Except major holidays:Thanksgiving, 4th of July and Christmas

Location: 900 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507

Visit their website for updated information: http://gardens.ucr.edu/information.html

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