Superhero's come in all sizes.

It was superhero day at school the other day. The kids were excited to wear capes and their favorite suprehero t-shirt. On this day, teachers, administrators and kids get to channel their superhero powers. The entire school gets involved in finding their inner strengths. 

This school season has been a year of learning about our inner strength. From bullying, non-solicited parent Q & A, witnessing punching and learning explicit words. We have learned some valuable lessons this school year. Things seem different then from when we went to school. Kids and parents are more likely to let their home life spill into the classroom. Sometimes, these emotional spills can be very harmful to an entire class and or the entire school.  We have seen kids hitting other kids because their parents hit each other at home. Additionally, a child told a group of kids in the classroom that his mom is throwing the "F" bomb at his dad because they are in the middle of a divorce. Another lesson we have learned this school year is, parents can and will force friendships if they see it fit for their selfish needs. We experienced another family interviewing our child over a period of weeks, without introducing themselves, to see if he was fit to be friends with their child. These are just a few of the many things we have experienced in the public school system.  It seems that maybe some of us have lost sight of boundaries and social kindness.

Now we pray when leaving for school and we tell each other, "Be strong like a bull."  It is our way of saying no matter what happens today find the happy moment. Have fun inspite of the negative talk and hardships that are occuring at school.

Today, we would like to ask all of our readers to find that Super Hero in you. Are you using not such kind words toward your spouse in front of your children?  We want you to think of it in the kids view, "Why is Dad/Mom yelling at MY Mom/Dad?"  Parenting is not sitting at the coffee shop talking with your friend ignoring the kids play while your child is bullying or hitting your friends child. Be a Super Hero to your kids and your friends kids, be in the moment with their play and take corrective action when and if something occurs. 
Instead of looking at your emails or your social media accounts, put your phone in your pocket and have a family conversation at the dinner table or run and jump with the kids at the park.  Be the Super Hero to your kids, raising well adjusted, responsible and socially active adults means that you have to interact and show them what great looks like!  Be a Super Hero to the children who will lead our country to greatness!

Super Heros Come in All Sizes!  

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