Valentine's Day Candle Holder (handmade)

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Celebrate this holiday by making beautiful glass candle holders. This simple and fun handmade Candle holder craft will help you  make Valentine's Day special. 

  • clean, empty mason jars
  • white, pink and red tissue paper, cut into small squares (one inch in size.)
  • glue and water (mix 1/4 water and 3/4 glue and stir until the paste is well mixed.) 
  • paint brush for the glue
  • tea lights (either real candles, or battery operated ones)
  • clean work space
Make sure that you have all your tissue cut into small one inch pieces and the glue mixture is well mixed. Then begin by brushing glue on to the glass jar with an immediate one inch white tissue square covering the glue area. Repeat the process until your entire jar is covered with white tissue and glue. 
Completely cover the entire glass jar with white tissue and glue then add a second coat of glue. Your project should be glue, tissue and then glue again. After this process is complete, then begin adding your hearts (details). Using your glue paint brush press the hearts gently onto the glass jar. You will use more glue mixture to add the hearts onto the jar. 

This craft should only take a few minutes to complete. Once all of your hearts are added to your candle holder add a final glue mixture on top to make sure the tissue papers are completely covered. Leave the final product to dry overnight.

It is only take a few minutes to make this lovable candle holder.
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