How to Grow Celery in your Kitchen.

This is how you grow celery in your kitchen.  Celery is a plant that can be easily re-grown from your kitchen scraps.  The celery "Stump" is where you start the re-growth process.  

Place the celery stump into a bowl, then fill the bowl with room temperature water. Make sure the celery stump is completely covered.  Leave the bowl sitting in room temperature for 2 days.  Soaking the celery stump will help to trigger root growth.

After two full days of soaking, get a container/pot that will is at least 10 inches tall.  Fill the pot with gardening soil and loosely pack.  Dig a hole in the soil large enough to cover the celery stump with approximately 1/2 inch of soil.

Water the plant every other day and make sure it has plenty of sunlight. In a week you will see beautiful leaves.  Celery is one of the lowest caloric foods a person can eat.  It is high in water content and fibre leaving you feeling full longer.  Celery can also lower blood pressure, maintain a healthy digestive system, slow the progression of dementia and helps protect against cancer.  Celery is also loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Don't want to grow your own....make sure you pick up a stalk every time you are at your grocery store or local farmers market and snack away!

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