Top 4 Southern California Places to Buy a Fresh Christmas Tree

Buying a Christmas tree can be a wonderful family field trip.  Pack your family in the car and find a farm or memorable place to pick up your Christmas tree. Locally, we have some of the greatest places to get a beautiful tree including Irvine Park Railroad, TanakaFarms, Peltzer Pines (Brea & Silverado) and Richfield Pines.  These places offer great photo opportunities, beautiful trees and some even have Santa Claus waiting for you.  The prices might be a little higher than your grocery store, however, visiting these places offer a more memorable family moment.  Create your family traditions this holiday season.
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Irvine Park Railroad offers fresh Christmas Trees for a limited time. Jump on the rail for train rides, visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus and enjoy some cookie decorating.  The park is gorgeous, filled with 475 acres of acorn trees, wild life and activities.  Inside the park, you can find a lake and the OC Zoo.  There is a lot to see so plan to stay a while.  Bring a picnic lunch and wear comfortable shoes.  There is a parking fee to enter the park.
Location: 1 Irvine Park Road, Irvine, CA 92869
Tanaka Farms is a working farm that offers tractor rides and organic fruits and veggies.  Families visit the farm to experience a day of fresh eating and walking. The farm is filled with plants, flowers and a boutique of handmade items for the home.  During the holiday season, they bring in fresh Christmas trees and decorations.  Expect to shop, eat and walk the farm with a grateful heart.
Location: 5380 3/4 University Drive, Irvine, CA

Peltzer Pines offers a cut your own tree farm.  You will see with your own eyes how a Christmas tree grew.  Cut and carry the crop of the farm and make your home smell wonderful.  These trees have been grown from seeds that were flown in from New Zealand.  You will get to experience the wild life that has supported the growth of these wonderful Christmas trees.  Peltzer Farms is family owned and operated for over four generations.  Ask questions about your purchase to learn more about their farm operation.  This is a great place to learn about nature and its beautiful products.
Locations: 3400 Rose Dr, Brea, CA 92823 & 7851 Blackstar Canyon Rd., Silverado, CA 92676
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Richfield Pines is 10 Acres of live Christmas Trees. The farm has been selling trees since 1977. The average cost of the trees at this farm is $8.50 per foot. Monterey Pine grows beautifully on this farm. Choose the perfect tree that will make your holiday special this season. 
Location: 5392 Richfield Road, Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Why you should buy a fresh cut Christmas tree: They offer a teachable moment for young kids.  Explain to them the cycle of life through your purchase.  The fresh Christmas tree offers a great pine smell and organic feel to your home. There is no need to worry about storing the tree after the holidays. Every fresh cut Christmas tree supports a working farm and it’s community through its sales.  This purchase is filled with benefits to our local economy and the farming industry.  These trees, before they arrive at your home, have been working hard to emit fresh oxygen.  Buy fresh this year.

To find more Christmas Tree Farms in your area, check out these local farms we found for you.

San Diego County 
Family Christmas Tree Farm - El Cajon 
300 Pepper Drive 
El Cajon, CA 92021
Tree Varieties: Monterey Pine trees

Highland Valley Christmas Tree Farm - Ramona
18425 Highland Valley Rd.
Ramona, Ca 92065
Tree Varieties: Monterey Pine, Leyland Cypress

Los Angeles County 
Nancy's Ranch - Santa Clarita 
25039 Magic Mountain Parkway 
Santa Clarita, CA 91355-4675
Tree Varieties: Monterey Pine

Frosty's Forest Christmas Tree Farm - Santa Clarita
25235 Orchard Village Road
Santa Clarita, Ca 91355
Monterey Pine
661- 259-6450
(909) 626-0243
3436 Padua Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711
Tree varieties: Monterey pine, Leyland cypress

Quote from the California Christmas Tree Association:
“Living trees emit fresh oxygen. In fact, every acre of Christmas trees grown produces the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people. In North America at any given time, there are between 500,000 to one million acres of Christmas Trees, which produce enough oxygen for between 9-18 million people each day! The Canadian Christmas Tree Growers Association adds that "a one acre Christmas tree plantation can remove up to 13,000 kg of airborne pollutants per year".

Real Christmas Trees are a renewable resource. The trees are not simply removed from natural forests, but are grown on farms just like any other crop. To ensure a constant supply, most Christmas tree growers plant one to three new seedlings for every tree harvested.

Farms that grow Christmas Trees help to stabilize soil protect water supplies and provide habitat for wildlife, while creating scenic green belts. Often, Christmas Trees are grown on soil that cannot sustain other crops, and much of the farmland used to grow Christmas trees would not be used agriculturally were it not for Christmas Trees.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All thoughts and ideas are all my own. 

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