Graham Cracker "GingerBread House" craft

The Holidays are a fun time to bake cookies and build Gingerbread houses.  At the Bosek house, we enjoy easy and fun ideas.  This easy to make Gingerbread house idea will help kids get creative and have loads of entertainment.  All you need is a few ingredients that might already be in your pantry.  Here are some of the items we gathered from our pantry and Christmas candies.


Graham Crackers (I used 4 for the walls of the house and 2 for roof. I also had two boxes on hand just in case we had broken graham crackers)
Icing - Betty Crocker frosting
Jelly Beans or M & M's Christmas (red and green)
Christmas Sprinkles (Green and Red)
Christmas candy (Peeps)
Mini Marshmallows
Candy Canes
Gum drops or other small candies of your choice for decor
Optional: Food Coloring to paint your gingerbread house a themed color

Ensure the (6) Graham Crackers that are not separated, cracked or broken. Design the house with these pieces. 
Grab two graham crackers and position the long edges vertically.  Cut two crackers, one at a time, so that you form a triangle at the top of one end. Your cut should be from the mid point of the short end of the cracker to the mid point of the long end.  Use a gentle "sawing" motion with a serrated or butter knife.  Helpful hint: use gentle pressure when sawing.
(See photo to use as a guide.)  

Grab two of the other four unbroken crackers. You will then have the four walls on your cookie sheet.  It is now time to secure the walls together.  Once you have all the house pieces, you can start adding frosting to secure all of the wall pieces together.  The frosting should secure the graham crackers nicely once you add some gentle pressure.  Be careful when putting it together because the graham crackers can break easily.  

You can fill a Ziploc sandwich bag with frosting, squeeze it to one corner of the bag and cut the tip of the bag off to pipe the frosting onto the graham cracker. Another method is to use a butter knife to gently spackle it on your pieces. Ensure the end pieces with the triangle roof cutouts are placed inside the other side walls, otherwise the rooftop will not fit correctly.  

Pipe out the frosting to the inside edge of the short end of the sidewall cracker and the edge of the bottom half of the triangle cut piece and push together. Repeat with the other triangle cut piece and side wall.  See below.
You should now have two halves of the walls secured together. Then, pipe frosting to their edges to bring these two halves together to form the completed exterior house structure.  Next, pipe frosting across the top edges of the walls and gently attach the rooftop to each side.  Apply as much frosting as is needed to secure your pieces together.  

Sometimes letting the frosting dry out a bit helps keep the pieces in place.  Lastly, apply colored frosting to your walls and rooftop, then place frosting on your candy pieces. Gently place them on your completed house to decorate as you wish.  Use your creativity, think of a theme and make your design amazing!

Our family played together making this gingerbread house that looks very shabby chic. Making this Gingerbread house brought out love and laughter because it's so much fun eating sugary treats.  Enjoy making your memories!

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