Tart Cherries the super fruit!

Cheribundi sent us samples of their delicious Tart cherry juice a few weeks back to try. What I found when I read about this SUPER FRUIT was that it adds great benefits to one's  health.
For example, Tart Cherries have been known to be Super Fruits packed with antioxidants. This red delicious fruit is a natural sleeping aid because it contains melatonin. Consuming tart cherries also may help reduce inflammation in the body.

While Cherries can be found only in the summer in Southern California.   The juice Cheribundi is available all year round.

My Opinion:

I have been drinking and cooking with it for the past 5 days. So far, it has helped me feel energized. I consume one throughout the day. The best part is there are no seeds to deal with or big messes! I have made frozen smoothies and Ice Tea drinks. The other day I tried to add it to my chicken BBQ marinate, but the kids accidentally drank the last of the Cheribundi juice. It turns out this juice is a favorite after playing handball and getting a heavy workout.


Overall my opinion on drinking Cheribundi  is that it's delicious and great for a growing family. I recommend only drinking one 8oz glass per day with a healthy balanced meal.

Disclosure: If you are diabetic, please check with your doctor before adding it to your diet. #sponsored #Cheribundi
All thoughts and opinions are all my own.
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