Boysenberry Festival Ends April 12th at Knott's Berry Farm

We had the best time at Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival. The food was amazing and the shows were fun and exciting. My family and I made some fun memories at the festival as well as tried new foods. The experience was one we won't soon forget. Let me share with you a few of our moments. 

Wine and Craft Brew Garden, located inside of Ghost Town’s Wilderness Dance Hall, sold an assortment of wine and craft brew labels, in addition to a variety of boysenberry inspired gourmet food. My favorite drink was the Boysenberry punch with fresh fruit and yummy crackers. 

The Boysenberry ICEE Float was delicious after a hot day at the park. I had two to cool myself down. Hubby had one and the kids shared one. Did I mention I loved the ICEE float! 

Deep fried Alligator with a Boysenberry aioli made for a hungry family of four was just right. After going on several rides we decided to stop and taste the other, other white meat. It tasted just like chicken! Yes, it was tasty and tender. 

Knott's offers a tasting card that allows you to try (6) food items for only $25.00.  This is a great deal for all who are visiting the park with the spirit of a foodie. I highly recommend purchasing at least one card and trying the Fried Alligator as well as the Spicy Boysenberry BBQ Wings.

We ate like kings and rode rides until nightfall.  Then, we danced until the park closed.  All of us danced to the most popular songs by the large fountain.  There was plenty of room for all of us to show off our mad dancing skills.  It was our first time watching our little kids turn into dancing machines.  Just like that, the night ended and we left to go home.  Our visit to Knott's Berry Farm proved to be a fun and memorable day. 

Disclosure: Sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are all my own. 

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