Solo to Social with Flips Audio

Are you looking for a high quality set of head phones for your I Pod, tablet or phone?  Are you also looking for amazing sound speakers that you can take on the go?  Flips Audio has the perfect product for you enabling you to have your cake and eat it to.  Introducing Flips headphones, the Field Trip Mom family received an amazing opportunity to try out the hottest new product in audio technology.  This is a sponsored post, Flips Audio provided us with a set of headphones for review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own and we were not paid monetarily for any advertising.

Compact folding high definition headphones for your solo music choices with a comfort fit.  These headphones are extremely light weight and have a compact design that folds nicely into its own protective case.  The headband is adjustable and the ear cups are lined with plush memory foam.  Easily plug in the charging cable to the headphones and to the USB port of your computer to quickly charge the headphones for the party.  

Flip the ear cups to face outward and get the party started with an intense amplified and powerful sound.  The headphones stay charged with a lithium ion battery and USB cable for hours of high quality sound capable of getting any party started.  Easy to connect, easy to charge and extremely simple to use.  These headphones deliver whether you are rocking out studying for an exam, biking to your job, strapped to your desk for a late night of work or having your friends over on Friday night.

When I received the package, I couldn't wait to open it.  I plugged the Flips headphones into my tablet and fired up some Pantera, "Cowboys from Hell."  The headphones have amazing sound quality, from the deep throaty base tones to the loud and raunchy guitar riffs, Flips Audio has hit the target with this product.  The headphones have a high quality construction, rough and tough for any environment.  Wanting to experiment with the sound quality, I inserted some old school rap by Too Short listening to "Life is....Too Short and Cusswords."  All I can say is "Truly Amazing!"  The chest vibrating bass notes and subtle rhythms surrounded me as if I was standing listening to the music live.  Complete noise cancelling ear cups allow for premium High Definition sound.  I highly suggest you visit your local store today and try out a set for yourself.  From heavy metal to rap to smooth jazz, you will not be disappointed. 

Product Review and Writing by Tim Bosek, Field Trip Mom
Photos Courtesy of Flips Audio Website
Video Produced by Tim Bosek, Field Trip Mom
Music by Maroon 5, "Maps"
Field Trip Mom has no interest or rights to any music played during the video

Disclaimer: Sponsored post. We received product for review and no monetary compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions are all our own.
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