Southern California fun in the sun Orange County style.

Living in Southern California means that we have many perks. One of them is that it is sunny most of the time. Beach weather is usually all the time. We live only 30 minutes away from the Corona Del Mar and Newport Beach area, so we visit often. On this day we visited the Salt Creek Beach.
We drove to the beach with a picnic dinner and swim wear in the trunk around 4pm. As we arrived people were leaving and we had the beach to ourselves. I love it when it is not crowded. The kids went for a swim on their boogie boards. I went for a walk to find ocean treasures or as my husband calls them "rocks".  He sat and relax to listen to the ocean waves. Perfect Sunday evening for the family.
I was lucky and I found a few sea urchins in the tide pools at Salt Creek Beach. The hedgehogs of the ocean were resting next to the large rocks far away from people. The ocean tide was low so I was able to see them up close and touch them very gently. Finding these little creatures always make me smile from wonder. I feel like an explorer of the ocean when I am able to touch them.
As I began to walk back to my family I ran into this cute little seaweed plant. The plant was growing in a tiny little piece of sea rock. The size of this seaweed plant was as tall as 4 fingers. It was the cutest thing I had seen in a long time. I wanted to bring it home, but I did not. Beach collecting is not permitted at Salt Creek Beach, so I collected via picture taking.  I took this picture to remember it always.
 Laying next to the sand in the middle of my walk was this beautiful sea home. I call it apartment for rent for sea life. It had over 15 little holes for sea life to live in. I am sure some sea creature is missing it's home. As for me it was just a natural beautiful piece of ocean art. 

Our time at the beach was very relaxing and fun. All of us had the opportunity to enjoy our own kind of fun. My kids swam and played in the water. I walked and photo collected beach rocks. My husband sat and enjoyed the view. Everyone was happy.

The day ended with us saying good-bye to the sun and feeding the seagulls (not recommended) a few of the pumpkin seeds we had brought to eat.  

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