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Why do I love to go to Knott’s Berry Farm all year long with my family?  For our family, it feels like home away from home.  The park is an open invitation to all that want to have fun with their entire family; anytime of the year.  Spring is near and soon the park will be covered with fresh flowers and foliage.  The line-up of shows will be tailored to help celebrate spring and Snoopy will be dressed in his best spring attire.  

Easter 2013 at Knott’s Berry Farm was a favorite outing for our family.  I remember attending the Spring Fling last year around this time and it was a happy moment.  I have vivid memories of my kids running from ride to ride laughing and enjoying the day celebrating spring with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang.  My little guy had his favorite Snoopy T-shirt on that read “Chicks Love Me” with a picture of Snoopy and Woodstock.  The Hat Dance was the ride of the day because it made us belly laugh as we spun out of control.  On this special day, my older child took his first fast ride with his dad.  It was a day that will be in our hearts and minds forever as father and son got on Sierra Side Winder without me or my little boy.  I still can see how excited my child was to be on a grown-up ride. 

I enjoy Birthday celebrations at Knott’s because there is no clean-up and there is so much fun to be had.  Last year, we invited a few friends to join us at the park.  First, we went to all the fun rides on the Boardwalk, running to the bumper cars shortly after.  We hopped over to Camp Snoopy for the show at the Camp Snoopy Theater and then a Camp Bus ride.  Next, we stood in line for the Stagecoach ride where the kids were extremely interested in the history of the Stage Coach.  There were lots of fun conversations about the Wild West.  We trotted over to the Train and got robbed by a set of goofy bandits who were causing mischief on the ride around the park.  Then we ate lunch.  Where would you have lunch for a kid’s birthday party? PINKS HOTDOGS! OF COURSE!   After lunch, we went inside to get dessert and sweet treats from their delicious candy shops.   The birthday party did not stop there because we moved to the Mystery Lodge to learn about Native Americans.  Night fell and we decided to end it by going to the arcade to play a few fun video games. When you turn 9 years old, isn’t that what you want for your birthday?  My little guy is still talking about his favorite day at Knott’s.  His friends think he is awesome for hanging with him on his birthday at a great place like Knott’s. 

Halloween is different for our family because we do not do scary.  Our family declines most party invitations, as we don’t really celebrate witches and ghosts but more of a harvest themed day.  We do love sharing in the fun activities and rides, so Knott’s is perfect for us during the Halloween season.  Knott’s gives us the opportunity to make the harvest season fun and not scary for the kids during the day. Camp Snoopy and the characters dressed in fun costumes making us feel like we are at a private event with endless fun rides.  We like to attend during the day and get our party wiggles out of the way.    As a parent this is so much better than going from house to house to ask for candy.  It makes the holiday so much easier.

Christmas celebrations are the best at Knott’s because the air is crisp and the decorations are out of this world. Ever where you turn there is a reminder that Christmas is around the corner.  Santa Claus is there waiting for us after we go on the fun rides. Last year we enjoyed getting on rides and then resting with hot cocoa and a giant cookie. The kids now think Santa lives at Knott’s all year long because the park is so magical all the time.  My husband and I enjoy the memories we make every time we visit.
I look forward to making more memories this year with my family at Knott's. 


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