Calendar of event for the weekend of September 14 and 15th, 2013

This weekend there are several places you can go to escape from the heat and have fun at the same time. I am sharing with you a few places that are family friendly and inexpensive for a family of four.
 South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa - Festival of the Children has free activities for young kids to enjoy. Along with an air conditioned area you have great shopping stores and food places to enjoy while you learn about nonprofit organizations related to children, featuring over 100 activities, workshops, performances and celebrity appearances for families. It is right off the 405 freeway off Bristol. Make sure you take your walking shoes. There is lots of things to see and do.
Lobster Festival Port of Los Angeles, CA is having it's annual lobster event. This event has been happening since 1999, so it is sure to be a fun place to listen to music and enjoy some lobster. Go early to avoid the crowds. Wear comfortable shoes and remember to eat and be merry.
Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona - There is no place like the Los Angeles County fair. The rows and rows of things to visit and see is long. Last year it took me two trips to see it all. My favorite was the farm animals. My kids got to pet goats, pigs and sheep on one visit. You will need to arrive early and wear comfortable shoes. Bring water with you as it can get very hot in Pomona. This year they have a Star Trek collection that is worthy of a visit. Lots of great comfort foods to taste and enjoy. Have fun and remember to take lots of pictures.
Elephant Parade in Dana Point - Go on a hunt for the beautiful Elephants and capture them with your camera. The collection of painted Elephants is here in Southern California. The collection will be auctioned off and won't be accessible to the public after November 17,2013. This event is being used to bring awareness to the extinction of the real live elephants. This is a problem that could effect our kids and the coming generations. Imagine not having elephants in our world. Please support this cause by visiting the elephants and spreading the word.

Have a great weekend exploring your city and your community. Stay safe and take lots of pictures for show and tell.  
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