DownEast Basics

DownEast Basics tees are my favorite. I use them almost everyday. They go well under your sheer blouses or can be under a sweater to make a complete outfit. The basic Tee comes in different styles and colors. They just got a new colors in time for spring. I picked up the basic colors, red, blue and black.

The store carries classic styles with timeless pieces like this polka dot blouse. It is great for the spring season. This blouse can go with a nice pair of jeans or fun skirt. But it is a must for your closet, if you like classic pieces of clothing. There is so many more styles in-store and online at Down East Basics. There is even great sales if you sign-up for their email mails.  

DownEast Basics

The other great piece I found was this Navy Blue Lace blouse with buttons. It is very loose and comfortable. It comes in large sizes and others colors. The fabric on this blouse is soft and very comfortable. That is the reason I enjoy the clothing is the fabric and cut of the garments. They are so very well made. I own blouses that have kept their shape and wash well, which I purchased at this store.  So it was money well spent.


DownEast Basics was held a Bloggers shopping evening. Some of the most popular ladies from Southern California attended this event. Here is Jill Parkin, Jamie Gall, Erin Miller and Marcie Taylor saying hello. It was a great night of shopping and friendships.  (It is always nice to shop with friends.) Happy Shopping!
Disclaimer: All opinions and thoughts are my own. This is a sponsored post. I was provided a $25.00 gift card to the store. This did not influence my opinion or my post. I really do wear their clothing. :)
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