Field Trip Adventures at Black Star Canyon - Silverado, CA

If you are looking for an amazing trip, consider taking a hike or bike ride through Black Star Canyon in Silverado, CA. Located 10 miles east of Orange, CA, one can experience the splendor of Northern California in the densely populated area of Orange County, CA. Whether you are an experienced hiker, mountain biker or just enjoy a friendly stroll, this Orange County Regional Park will take your breathe away and leave you asking to see more. Large trees line the trails including oak, acorn, willow and many other varieties. Wildlife has been seen by hikers and bikers along the trail adding to this amazing journey. Great for families who want to teach their kids more about nature. This trail allows for a simple family stroll to smell the daisies or for that power hiker in the family, more advanced climbing to get your heart pumping.
Several organizations including the California Chaparral Institute, the Sierra Club, Wilderness4All, Students of Cal Poly Pomona and more are working to turn the Santa Ana Mountains into a National Monument named Grizzly Bear National Monument.  
This names comes from the grizzly bears who called cities like Irvine and Corona home in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  On Jan 8th, 1908, the last known grizzly bear in Southern California was tracked and killed in Holy Jim Canyon.

With hundreds on native species of plants, shrubs and trees, Black Star Canyon and the Santa Ana Mountains make an incredible place to learn more about natural science and wildlife that inhabit this area.  Being our first trip to this glorious place, we were provided a tour of the canyon by Joel Robertson of Naturalist-For-You who added lots of insightful information about the plant and wild life in these mountains and canyons.  Hikes are calendared several times a month and if you are interested in learning more, simply log on to Joel's website Naturalist for You Organization.
On behalf of all of the Field Trip Mom family members, we would like to thank Joel as well as Valerie Mitchell of Sweeps4Bloggers.com for coordinating this adventure!
If you would like to add your name to the list of supporters for Grizzly National Monument, visit Santa Ana Mountains or email info@santaanamountains.org.
To see more of this amazing nature adventure, check out our new video blog on You Tube below.

Written by guest blogger Tim Bosek, VP and COO of Field Trip Mom
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