Happy Belated Merry Christmas

Happy Belated Merry Christmas!!!! I hope everyone is having a great time. As for me I took time out to spend with my family. (This means that I did not call, write, post or share very much through my Social Media outlets.) This Christmas I held on to hope that things would be great. I put fear aside and faith on top of my list. I focused on family and those around me. I have to say that I had a great Christmas. My brothers who rarely visit stopped by. My Christmas tree was put up just in time for the holidays. My kids received an abundance of love and gifts. The grandparents showered us with gifts and encouraging words. Things worked out just the way they were supposed to be. There was no family drama (relatives) just love understanding and kindness.  I feel extremely lucky to have family and friends with such kind hearts and a great holiday spirit. I know Christmas has past, but I hope the spirit continues on inside of your heart. Stay positive, love and encourage others and don’t give into fear. If you have fear than you don’t have faith.  Happy Belated Merry Christmas. Alma
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