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If you like to eat food then you should know what I found at the Natural Products Expo West It is a world of healthy eating, washing, wearing and just living a better life. Some of the products are in our local stores and some of them are on Amazon.com. The Expo has several floors of vendors with amazing stories. All the vendors I talked to have a passion for living a healthy life. Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Natural, Fresh, Kosher, Low Salt and pure living were among the words that were used today. 

I am going to tell you about a few of the vendors that caught my eye and will be used in my household. Let me start with Zydeco bar. It is a bar for a wallop of energy. It was delicious and easy for travel. It is a great energy bar. It is  Gluten free and high in protein that you must try. I loved it because I can pack it for a field trip and not worry about fast food or bad eating while travel. Their website will tell you more about their product, please go and find out more: http://zydecofoods.com/

GoGo Squeez all Natural Squeezable applesauce/banana, apple/strawberry, apple/peach and apple/berry all natural fruit in a pouch. This is a favorite item for lunches and travel. My kids absolutely love it! They love the packaging and I love the health value. Gluten free and peanut free is perfect for school snacks and play dates. You really have to try it. It is already popular with the kids in school and the park here in Irvine.  Yes, I buy them for the kids lunches.  http://www.gogosqueez.com/products/

Another favorite was MilkMakers a mother's cookie. It is made for moms who are breastfeeding to help promote increase in breastmilk. I love this cookie. I wish I would have had it when I was trying to breastfeed. It is a great idea and it tastes great. I think every new mother should try it. The product was recently featured on the Dr. OZ's show of great healthy products. New mothers go out and try it. Pregnant women look for the cookie. Have it on-hand before the baby is born. Friends be kind to your friends and tell them about this cookie that could help them be successful with breastfeeding. Yes, I loved the product.

LoSalt - 66% potassium Chloride and 33% Sodium Chloride made in Scotland, UK. Bloodpressure, Diabetes and other health issues require you to change your diet and watch your salt in-take. Why not try this new LoSalt and continue to enjoy salt. Salt is something that I love in all my foods. This is why I was so attracted to this product. Started in 1984 and sold in 30 countries.  LoSalt is here in the US and is going to change our diets for the better. This product is Kosher certified and is natural. Yes, I am going to cook with it.

To find more healthy products, gluten free, sugar free, healthy living then go to Natural Products Expo West. I hope that you change something unhealthy for something healthy and improve your life. I was really inspired today to change several things in my diet to improve my health. Let's do it together!

I hope that I have inspired you to make positive changes. May all your dreams come true.


Alma- Field Trip Mom :) 

P.S. Celebrities love Expo West
Disclaimer: All thoughts and ideas are all my own. This is not a sponsored post. 
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