Dreaming of my wish list...

I am hoping, wishing and praying that this year we buy a house. A house with a yard, two bathrooms and great neighbors. You see we are a single wage earning family. My husband works very hard to provide for us and I stay home with the kids. I always thought I would have gone back to work full-time by now. But things don't always work out how you plan them to be. I work part time or seasonal jobs to make extra money for our fun stuff. But that does not give us much for other things, like a new house.  You see we lived in a great community with great neighbors and lots of space for all us. But we moved, to be closer to my husband's work, so that there would be more family time. I don't regret it at all. As a family we have lunch together often. We even had a routine of driving dad to work during the summer. We are not rushed most mornings, we eat together all the time, we are closer by living close to work. It is great. Our apartment is like a resort with a pool, hot tube, gym and places I have not even visited yet. It is really great here. I have a very cosmopolitan apartment. Like the one I thought I would want, if I lived in New York City. Today I find myself wishing I lived in a neighborhood like the one I had in Eastvale. With the neighbor who was always outside and teacher friend down the street. Today I  miss my backyard and doing the gardening, while the kids played with the next door neighbor kids. I miss my old house. So I started looking at Rent to Own homes. I found a few in Chicago. Problem is that I live in Southern California. So for now I will jump in the pool to forget about buying a house. What are your hopes and dreams for this year?

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