Pasadena - New Year 2012

This weekend there will be lots of fun things to do in Southern California. One of the most exciting events is the "Pasadena Tournament of Roses". The event is a parade of beautiful floats decorated with roses, flowers, seeds and herbs that are stories high. Image a building walking down the street decorated with roses. These floats are super tall and amazing works of art that smell rich with floral rose fragrance.  In 1890 Pasadena's Valley Hunt Club began the parade to draw people from the East Coast to come to California to see the life without snow and experience paradise. Every year it is celebrated on January 1st except never on Sundays. This year it falls on Sunday therefore it will be celebrated on Monday January 2nd, 2012. It will be broadcasted on Television for the world to see and for those who can not make it to Pasadena. After the parade the floats will be parked for all to view up close. 

We will be going after the parade to see all the beautiful floats. We pack a light lunch and wear our most comfortable shoes and take our time walking around. The kids love just getting out and riding the bus that takes us to the floats. They think that taking a bus is cool and fun. The bus is a short ride through Pasadena. We see all the local shops in our route to see the floats.  Once off the bus you see people. I won't lie. There is a ton of people of walking and looking at the floats.  But because the floats are so fantastic it does not matter how many other millions of people are there as well. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

There are lots of other fun places in Pasadena and surrounding area. Plan ahead and have fun on your next field trip/ travel adventure.  Here is my list of must see or experience:

  • Armory Center for the Arts
  • Art Center College of Design
  • Art Walking Tours around Pasadena
  • Brookside Golf Course
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Castle Green
  • Carnegie Observatories
  • El Molino Viejo (The Old Mill)
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Gamble House
  • Public Memorials and Monuments
  • City Hall
  • Kidspace Children's Museum
  • Norton Simon Museum
  • Old Pasadena
  • Pacific Asia Museum
  • Pasadena Museum of History
  • Pasadena Museum of California Art
  • Places of Worship
  • The Pasadena Symphony
  • Rose Bowl

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